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Mindfulness or yoga for anxiety

Mindfulness or yoga for anxiety
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According to the NHS, mindfulness helps us become more aware of the present moment and begin to experience things that we have been taking for granted. This level of awareness can help us notice signs of stress and anxiety earlier and help us deal with them better.

Mindfulness for anxiety

The first step to being more mindful is reminding yourself to take notice of your thoughts, feelings, how your body is feeling and the world around you. This could be noticing the breeze as you walk, or paying more attention when you’re eating, to the taste, sight and textures of what you eat.

You could also try mindfulness meditation, colouring or downloading apps that can help. 

Guided meditation

There have been many studies that suggest that yoga can help with stress and anxiety. It can help lower tension, help you relax, help you regulate your breathing and increase your awareness of your own body. It can also help you let go of your worries, when you practice yoga it gives you an opportunity to focus on your body and breath and let go of your day.

Practicing yoga can also help you learn to let go over your worries at other times too. If you’re interested in trying out yoga, there are plenty of online classes of videos you can follow along to. You could try one that specifies on yoga and anxiety.

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