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Taking care of the most vulnerable

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With an ageing population there are more older people in our communities than ever before. With advice for certain people who are more at risk of viruses, such as the over 70’s, to take more caution, many may be concerned about how they can protect themselves or perhaps a loved one who falls into this group.

There may also be many questions about how these people can still stay well and importantly still access the vital medication they need.

Here’s how we can help you or a loved one manage medication, without visiting your local LloydsPharmacy.

Who's more vulnerable to viruses?

There are certain groups of adults who are more vulnerable to viruses than others, broadly speaking these include:

  • Those aged 70 or over
  • People with an underlying health condition including: lung conditions such as asthma, chronic health conditions such as heart disease or kidney disease, diabetes, weakened immune systems
  • Those who are pregnant

How you can still get your medication

If you’re vulnerable to viruses, you may be looking at ways you can avoid going out unnecessarily but worried about how to collect your medication. Have you consider signing up to our free prescription delivery service, LloydsDirect by LloydsPharmacy*.


At LloydsDirect, we will work with your NHS GP to take care of your repeat prescriptions. Once you’ve signed up, all you need to do is request your prescription using the app or website and our team of pharmacists will dispense your medication.

We can then deliver it to you for free. For most medication we can post it through your letterbox.

You can also manage medication for your family, a friend or someone you are caring for including children under 16.

How to sign up

  1. Simply register at lloydsdirect.co.uk or download the app from the Apple app store or Android store
  2. Nominate LloydsDirect as your pharmacy during registration online or using the app
  3. Request your medication, which LloydsDirect will then confirm with your GP and dispense once the GP has issued the prescription
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*England only