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Using finasteride and minoxidil together for hair loss

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We have worked with our Online Doctor Hair Clinic service on a combination hair loss therapy programme for men, which could be beneficial for men living with male pattern baldness.

If it's suitable for you, the programme works by combining the daily medication of finasteride together with minoxidil scalp treatment. When used together there is a greater chance that the effects of male pattern baldness can be prevented and, in some cases, show signs of reversal.

Which remedy is right for me?

If you are seeking treatment for male pattern baldness, it can be difficult to decide which remedies can work for you. There are so many online and over-the-counter foams, lotions, shampoos and supplements, as well as prescription medications – so we understand that it’s hard to know what could help with your hair loss. Find out more about combination therapy for men and speak to one of our online doctors to see if it could work for you.

What is combination therapy for hair loss?

Combining finasteride and minoxidil to form the basis of your treatment course is often effective. An online consultation will ensure it's safe to use the two alongside each other, as well as with caffeine shampoo, for increased chance of results. It works best in the early stages of male pattern baldness, for men aged between 18 and 40.

How do finasteride and minoxidil work together for hair loss?

To understand how finasteride and minoxidil can work together, it is good to first know what causes hereditary male pattern baldness. It is a result of genetic factors and a male hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT causes scalp hair loss by inducing a change in the hair follicles on the scalp.

The hairs produced by the affected follicles become progressively smaller in diameter, shorter in length and lighter in colour, leading to thinning, receding hairlines and baldness.

Finasteride works by combating the effects of DHT on the follicles. In this sense, it is a “DHT blocker”; though it is not referred to by this name amongst medical professionals. Finasteride doesn't provide a permanent cure for male baldness, so if you stop taking it, hair loss will resume. The ingredients do not interfere with minoxidil and so they can work together.

Minoxidil, the active ingredient in Regaine for men, works by:

  • Stimulating the shrunken hair follicles
  • Helping increase the blood flow to your scalp, which helps follicles to increase in size and diameter
  • Reinvigorating the hair growth cycle
  • Promoting thicker hair
Minoxidil 2% solution is usually applied twice a day though this can be increased (for men only) to a twice daily application of 1 ml minoxidil 5% solution.

What could a typical day of combination hair loss therapy look like?

As everyone is different, your combination hair loss therapy programme may vary. Here’s an example of what a typical day of combination therapy could look like. Get in touch with one of our Online Doctors for professional advice, where you can complete an online assessment and be prescribed the appropriate products today.

  • Finasteride (also branded as Propecia)

1mg tablet taken orally once a day, with improvement usually seen at 3-6 months

  • Minoxidil (also branded as Regaine for Men)

A 2% minoxidil foam applied to the scalp twice a day, with improvements usually seen at 2 months

  • An optional caffeine shampoo or hair supplements to naturally support hair health

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Are finasteride and Propecia the same thing?

Yes, Propecia is the branded version of generic finasteride. They have the same effects on hair loss, as well as the same side effects. 

What other treatments or remedies can I use for hair loss?

Using an additional hair growth booster like caffeine shampoo or hair supplements can further complement this treatment by offering optimum levels of hair regrowth.

  • Alpecin shampoo is a caffeine based treatment, with additional zinc, vitamin A and niacin. There are several small research papers showing some effectiveness in improving hair strength and increasing activity in hair roots after a few months of regular use.
  • Viviscal also offers shampoo, conditioner, hair elixir and oral supplements. Viviscal tablets contain the exclusive marine complex AminoMar® - a rich compound of marine extracts. Plus zinc, vitamin C, horsetail extract and flax seed, to nourish hair from within.