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9 out of 10 men* who use Propecia to treat male pattern baldness report it as an effective treatment. It both halts hair loss, and in many cases, stimulates regrowth where hair has been lost.

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Information on hair loss

While losing your hair is completely natural, particularly with ageing, it can cause great distress. The average person loses 50-100 hairs a day, but some hair loss can be permanent. Hair loss can be caused by stress, shock, illness, side effects of medical treatments or a hormone imbalance. Permanent hair loss is more often than not male pattern baldness, or its female equivalent.

Male pattern baldness affects around half of all men over 50, but some men begin to lose hair as early as their 20s. There are genetic factors which cause testosterone to become the hormone DHT. DHT is damaging to the hair follicles, which can mean that hair growth slows down, and in some cases stops altogether.

How does Propecia treat hair loss?

The active ingredient in Propecia is finasteride. Finasteride works by blocking the effect of DHT on the hair follicles, meaning that the follicles can return to producing hair. Propecia can therefore halt the progression of hair loss, and in some cases reverse it.

Propecia will only stimulate growth on the head, not on other parts of your body. It works best when it is taken for 3-6 months on a daily basis. There is no advantage to taking more than one tablet each day.

Can I buy Propecia online?

You must have a Propecia prescription to obtain the medication. If you are worried about your hair loss, you can request the treatment online through our LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor. Simply complete a consultation and if suitable, our clinicians will prescribe Propecia to treat your hair loss.

If you already have a prescription for Propecia you can log into your LloydsPharmacy account, search and pay for your medication. You then need to send us your prescription and we can have it delivered to an address convenient to you. Or if you like, simply visit your local LloydsPharmacy and the pharmacists will dispense it for you.

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Propecia frequently asked questions

  • What is the difference between Propecia and Finasteride?

    In reality there is no difference between Propecia and Finasteride, as they both contain the same active ingredient.

    Propecia is simply the branded version of the generic treatment.

  • Are there any side effects to taking Propecia?

    For the most part, Propecia is safe to take alongside other medications. Nonetheless you should always let your doctor know if you’re taking any regular medication or use recreational drugs.

  • Alternative hair loss treatments

    Other than Propecia and Finasteride, the most popular treatment for hair loss is Minoxidil - often branded as Regaine. Some people use Regaine alongside Propecia or Finasteride as a complementary treatment.

    Wigs and hairpieces are sometimes used to cover hair loss. More recently, hair transplants have proved to be a popular treatment option, but these can be costly and results may vary.