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Sexual health

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At LloydsPharmacy, we can lend help and support when it comes to looking after your sexual health. From re-ordering your contraception prescription to sexual health home-testing kits, we can assist you both online and in-store.

Need to re-order your contraceptive prescription?

You may be on a repeat prescription for the contraceptive pill. In which case, you can arrange for your prescription medication to be delivered to your house, or you can collect it for free from your local store with the LloydsPharmacy prescription delivery service. You will still have to have a quick online consultation with one of our online doctors to check suitability.

  • The contraceptive pill

    There are multiple versions of the oral contraceptive pill, also commonly referred to as “the pill”. The pill contains artificial versions of female hormones, which can help to: prevent the release of an egg during ovulation; create difficulty for an egg to be implanted in the lining of the womb; and also make it harder for sperm to reach the egg.

    Visit LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor for our online contraception service. We offer a wide variety of contraceptive pills, as well as detailed information available on the different methods and effects of each pill. Once you have selected a product that is right for you, our contraception service works as follows:

    • You will be asked to complete an online consultation with one of our doctors. You must wait for the doctor to check your suitability and get back to you with a response - this is usually within an hour.
    • If you are clinically appropriate for the contraception, you can select your local LloydsPharmacy to collect from. You will then be able to complete your order.
    • You can collect your pill as early as the next day from your chosen store. However, before dispensing and collecting the contraception, our pharmacist will need to ensure that it is safe for you to take. You will receive a quick and free blood pressure, height and weight check in a private consultation room.
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  • The morning after pill online

    The morning after pill is a form of emergency contraception, it can prevent pregnancy after you have had unprotected sex or if a method of contraception has not worked. It prevents or delays an egg being released during ovulation.

    LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor offers two kinds of emergency contraception pill online for same-day collection: ellaOne, which must be taken within 5 days (120 hours) after having unprotected sex and Levonelle, which you have to take within 3 days (72 hours) of unprotected sex. To find out more read our morning after pill information page


  • In-store emergency contraception service

    Please know that we are here to help. If you would like more information on the morning after pill, we also offer an in-store emergency contraception service. Visit your local LloydsPharmacy for a friendly conversation with one of our pharmacists who will provide advice and information on the emergency contraception available. This will be a private consultation and can be anonymous.

    You will be able to get the morning after pill quickly and discreetly after the pharmacist has checked your suitability. This service is available in over 1,500 LloydsPharmacy stores, including many pharmacies that are open late or on a Sunday.

    Many of our LloydsPharmacy stores also deliver the FREE NHS scheme which means the morning after pill may be available free of charge to some groups of women. Before buying the pill, you may wish to check with your local LloydsPharmacy if they are part of this scheme. Click here to see which of our pharmacies deliver this service.

    Emergency contraception pill

  • Sexual health home-testing kits

    We offer sexual health home-testing kits online; from HIV test kits for both men and women, to Chlamydia and vagina infection tests and treatments for women. If you order online before 4pm (Monday-Thursday), you can receive your test at your door the next day or if you order before 3pm (Monday-Thursday) you can pick it up from a local LloydsPharmacy. Test yourself privately in your own home with accurate and easy-to-use kits. The results will provide the necessary incentive to take further action when it comes to managing your sexual health.

  • Condoms

    Condoms are a barrier method to provide protection against pregnancy; you should use condoms when you want further protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs).


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