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How to help fight dry skin with Dr.PAWPAW co-founder Pauline Paterson

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Guest authored by Pauline Paterson, co-founder of Dr.PAWPAW

More than ever, most of us are suffering from dry skin and that doesn’t discriminate against those of us who are strict when it comes to their beauty ritual aka moisturising regime.

Lifestyle and environmental factors sure do play a big part as to why your skin may be thirsty.  From the weather, central heating, air conditioning and hot showers to the current constant hand sanitisation and your existing skincare routine. Dry patches can arise all over the body from elbows and feet to lips, hands and even your eyelids.

Whether it is chronic or less serious, dry skin means the skin’s barrier function is affected and living with it is itchy and uncomfortable. Parched skin feels tight and appears uneven, scaly, blotchy, and in more severe cases can crack and bleed.

So, where to begin in the battle against dehydrated skin?

Even if you believe you have the best skincare routine in place, it is important to identify this as a potential trigger.

While reviewing your current go-tos, you want to ask yourself:

  • Are all the ingredients moisturising, hydrating and nourishing?
  • What % is natural?
  • Does it contain harsh ingredients that are stripping your skin of its natural oils and changing your skin type? 

Time for a clear out

Ensuring your bathroom cupboards are full to the brim with ingredients that compliment your skin type is the most important. As opposed to having products based on smell or packaging but that don't actually benefit your skin type. It’s time to have a clear out.

I have always worked very closely with our Chemists to ensure we are only using the most beneficial natural ingredients to suit all skin types. At Dr.PAWPAW we ensure our balm formulas are all as natural as possible with some even being 100% natural ingredients. They're also fragrance-free to ensure there is no skin irritation, vegan-friendly and perfect to use on the whole family, from babies to grandparents.

Which ingredients should you be looking out for to help with the fight against dry skin?

A host of nature’s best can be used to restore and moisturise skin. At Dr.PAWPAW all our plant-based products are powered by a trio of ingredients:

  • PAWPAW (Papaya fruit) - is packed full of vitamins that are proven to help hydrate and nourish the skin for instant and long lasting results.
  • Olive oil - absorbs deeper in the skin to improve the softness and deeply moisturise stubborn dry cracked skin such as heels, elbows and knees
  • Aloe Vera - is also packed full of vitamins and with its calming and soothing properties it really makes it perfect to hydrate and nourish all skin types including sensitive skin.

Other ingredients we use for their additional benefits include:

  • Shea butter - absorbs deeply to also soften tough skin
  • Coconut oil - hydrates and provides essential fatty acids to maintain healthy skin & hair
  • Colloidal oatmeal - smooths and nourishes tired dehydrated skin.


While feeding your skin with hydration and natural oils is important, one step you mustn't miss is exfoliating and I am not just talking skin, lips also need this to remove flaky skin cells.

Our Scrub & Nourish blends together in one handy, innovative duo pot. The hard-working 100% natural sugar scrub buffs away any unwanted chapped and dead skin while the original balm restores lips back to perfection.


To lock in moisture further, our hair and body multipurpose conditioner is the perfect solution as an in-shower body moisturiser and contains the perfect balance of natural oils suitable to use on all skin types. Just make sure you aren’t turning the shower dial to boiling.

While we are all feeling the effects of dry skin at the moment, by switching up your skincare routine to a natural one, skin really will reap the benefits. After all, skin is our biggest organ and everything we apply on it must be well considered.