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Transition your skincare from summer to autumn with Abigail James

Abigail James stood next to a bush.
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Skincare expert, facialist and author Abigail James talks to us about switching up your skincare routine during the summer months and autumn.

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Choosing a cleanser

Abigail has chosen gentle cleanser, the Eucerin cleansing milk. She likes it because it’s suitable for many skin types; dry, sensitive skin or skin that’s spent time in the sun. She finds it nourishing and gentle to the skin.  She recommends it as a good first-step cleanse in your routine.

Second up- serum

Abigail recommends a hyaluronic serum, also good for skin that has been in the sun. The one she’s chosen is the Q+A hyaluronic acid. She says its suitable for all skin types; aging, spot prone, and sensitive skin.  She likes it because it’s watery and hydrating.  She puts it on after an active serum and likes that it holds moisture within the skin, replacing the naturally depleting levels of hyaluronic acid in our skin.

Here for moisturiser

Abigail’s moisturiser of choice is La Roche Posay.  She says it’s a rescue product; thick, rich and balm like. If you have spot-prone skin this one might not be for you but will be more suitable if you have dry, sensitive or ageing skin.

Remember SPF

Abigail opts for a mineral SPF and for all year-round sun protection, she has chosen Avene mineral SPF 50. She likes that it’s lightweight and doesn’t take too much rubbing in. It gives a dewy finish to the skin and is a nice base for makeup on the top if you so desire.

Watch Abigail’s video to find out more