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Tips for looking after your skin in summer with Abigail James

Portrait of Abigail James stood outside
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Abigail James, award winning skincare expert has partnered with us this summer; giving us her top tips for supporting your skin as well has her sun care must-haves from the Solero range.

Abigail talks us through her top 3 ways for preparing and looking after our skin in the summer months, these include:

Staying hydrated

With the human body being made up of 60% water, she says it’s important to keep our skin hydrated from inside out. This is more important on warmer days when we sweat. An easy solution is to keep water close by and sip it throughout the day.

The sun is most powerful between 11am and 3pm

Stay in shade during these times of the day and if you must venture into the sun make sure you cover up and wear your hat. Read our guide on staying safe in the sun for more information and tips.

Remember SPF

The sun is the biggest cause of premature ageing and skin damage, Abigail recommends that we apply SPF to the parts of our body that are exposed to the sun all year around, this includes our faces and neck.

Abigail recommends

From the Solero range Abigail has picked out some of her favourite products, including the Ultrasensitive sun lotion with an SPF of 50+. This sun cream is nourishing on the skin, should be applied 20 mins before heading out into the sun and then reapplied every two hours.

For skin that’s seen some sun Abigail recommends the aloe vera after-sun gel, it’s soothing, calming and cooling on your skin.