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Solero triple defence range

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Triple protect your skin from sun damage

Using sunscreens correctly can reduce the damage from the sun’s harmful rays, and delay the signs of premature ageing. The sun emits three main types of rays, each with their own action and potential for skin damage.


UV-A are long-wave rays that cause damage deep in the skin and are responsible not only for ageing and wrinkles, but can lead to skin cancer too. Protection from UV-A rays is shown on every pack by the star rating symbol. All solero triple defence products offer 5* UV-A protection levels.


UV-B are short-wave rays that cause burning and tanning on the skin surface and can also lead to skin cancer. The Sun Protection Factor (SPF) protects against UV-B. All Solero products offer a range of SPF level protection, from factor 15 to 50+, to protect against harmful UV-B rays.


Infrared-A (IR-A) are rays that penetrate deeper into the skin causing both long and short-term damage. Solero triple-defence is the only Own Brand sun cream to offer customers this.