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Motivational help to lose weight with the Liva Healthcare app

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Thinking about losing weight? Tried different diets and exercise regimes in the past?  Want a sustained and healthy weight loss? The LloydsPharmacy Medicated Weight Loss Service might be for you if, you’re aged 18 to 75, have a BMI of over 30 or a BMI of over 27 but have a condition that’s made worse by weight gain such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension or sleep disorders.

The service includes the supply of medication, which works to decrease your appetite and therefore food intake, alongside a reduced calorie diet and increased physical activity to support with weight loss.

To support you, and as part of the weight loss service, we have partnered with Liva Healthcare, a healthcare coaching app.

Coaching to help you to keep to keep on track

Simply download the Live UK app from the App Store or Google Play, you will receive log in details with your LloydsPharmacy receipt following the supply of your first month’s Medicated Weight Loss treatment. All you need to do then is book a time slot for a video consultation with your new personal health coach. 

All coaches on the app are specially trained nurses, dietitians or health coaches and you can choose the coach that suits your personal goals the best. You can communicate with your health coach via the messaging function in the app, sending both text messages and videos. Your health coach can respond with text, video or even pdfs like workout programmes.

Weight loss service

Checking on your progress and seeing your results

When setting up your profile try to be as accurate as possible so you can use it to customise your goals. You can work with your coach to select which goals you want to set up, these could be related to your daily steps, exercise, sleep, smoking less, weight, diet or even blood pressure.

You can go into detail within each goal, for example if your goal was to do more exercise you can choose how many minuets per week you wish to spend on each different activity. Using sliders and tabs it’s easy to enter in your data and calendars and graphs are easy ways to track your progress.

Read how to maintain your weight loss long term for more helpful tips. 

Being part of a community

Along with your coach, the Liva UK app has a forum, accessible from the app dashboard. The forum is a great way to connect with the wider Liva UK community and you can chat to other app users. You can check in with each other’s progress or even meet up for a socially distanced walk - following local government guidelines.

To find out more about our Medicated Weight Loss Service visit your local branch of LloydsPharmacy, our pharmacy experts will be happy to chat about the service with you.