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myDNA weight management test review

myDNA weight management test review
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Discover how Zoe lost weight with myDNA and how you can lose weight too

“I dropped an entire dress size with a DNA-based diet - and I ate curry, tacos and pizza!"

34-year-old Zoe Aztori, a teacher from Sutton Coldfield has tried hundreds of diets, from mainstream brands to the mundane, with the worst being the cabbage diet - “It was horrible!”

Recently, Zoe tried a new weight management DNA test, myDNA, which promised to decode her genes and recommend a diet that would help her to lose weight. Here she shares how understanding her genes helped her to drop an entire a dress size - whilst still enjoying tacos and pizza!

“I have lost inches following myDNA and feel it isn’t about the scales, but about how your clothes fit. My dress size has gone down from a 16 to a 14, so I’m very happy about that!

I’ve tried loads of other diets and I wanted to see if something else would work. Knowing that your own genes have been tested helps you to be more motivated as you think - this is helping towards what I need. It is not just a general mask for people, as some diets are, it is more bespoke and personalised. You feel that myDNA understand you and what your body needs.

I was given an Omega 3 rich diet to focus on, including lots of fish, and avoiding as much fat as possible. It is really useful to know, from the results, that this was the type of diet I needed to look at. The first week I had some breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas, and after the phone calls with the myDNA dietician, there were more recipes sent each week so I didn’t get bored at meal times - which was really useful.

Some recipes were easy to follow and some included more specialist ingredients. I’ve got the staple recipes I make, which are suitable for the whole family, and then I did others just for me. I made fish tacos, homemade pizzas, Thai curry – it wasn’t like you couldn’t eat anything. There were staple meals but also something a bit different, which kept you interested.

I had never heard of myDNA before, so it was completely new to me, but I certainly want to carry on with the diet and have recommended it to a couple of friends who I go to the gym with.”

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What is myDNA?

myDNA, available in store and online, provides personalised nutrition reports, sample menus and other insights, all based on your unique DNA profile. myDNA now also includes a new bespoke caffeine test, which analyses how your body processes caffeine.

Developed by renowned Australian geneticist Professor Les Sheffield, who has worked in the field of genetics since the 1980s, myDNA provides a Personalised Diet Report that uses genetic testing and interpretation to explain how your genes influence weight and other relevant health indicators. Using a simple cheek swab, the service uses scientific evidence and innovative technology which until now hasn’t been widely accessible to all.

The comprehensive myDNA report analyses genes known to influence:

  • Body size and weight
  • Our ability to maintain and lose weight
  • The way the body stores and processes dietary fats
  • Risk of elevated triglycerides and cholesterol levels

Our pharmacist Anshu Bhimbat, explains; “the genes analysed in this test have been carefully selected to help customers understand how their body metabolises fats and their risk of being overweight. The launch of myDNA will allow people to make better, personalised health choices based on their individual body type, starting them on the road to successful weight management whether they are looking to lose weight or just stay in shape more healthily.”

“As myDNA looks at your genes, and details how you respond to certain foods, you will have a better understanding of how your body works. For example, although traditionally, cutting out carbs is believed to be better for weight loss, your body won’t necessarily work this way, and myDNA provides you with a detailed, personalised diet plan, specifically tailored to you and your genes.”

Based on the findings of the report, you’ll get a recommended nutritional breakdown, recommended number of macro-nutrient servings per day, recommended food guide and sample menus for each meal of the day. You will get a tailored, lifetime relevant diet plan as your DNA will never change.

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