We kindly ask you to wear a face covering when visiting pharmacy. Please do not visit pharmacy if you have symptoms of COVID-19. If you do have symptoms of COVID-19, you can get a free PCR test through the NHS website.

Collect your free rapid COVID-19 lateral flow test kits from your local pharmacy*

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How the COVID-19 lateral flow test kits work

Collect your test

Visit your local LloydsPharmacy (excluding Jersey and Guernsey) and collect your lateral flow test kit.


Follow the instructions in the box to collect your sample at home.


Get your COVID-19 test result in 30 minutes.


Register your results online or call 119. A negative result doesn’t mean you don’t have COVID-19, make sure to follow Government guidelines and restrictions.

Who is this service for?

You can only use this service if:

  • You don't have coronavirus symptoms
  • You're 11 or older - if you’re 11 to 15, your parent or guardian must use this service to get a collect code
  • You've not been told to self-isolate
  • You can't get tests from your work, school college or university

How much does a test kit cost?

Tests kits are free, and can be collected from your local LloydsPharmacy in England.

How do I take the test?

You’ll need to take a sample from the back of your throat, near your tonsils, and from your nose using the swab included. The swab is then dipped in a solution which is then dripped onto the lateral flow test paper pad. This generates a reading and your result.

Frequently asked questions

  • What do my results mean?

    Your results will be visible in 30 minutes, use the instructions in the box and this guide below to read your results.

    • If your result is negative you’ll see one line next to the C.
    • If your result is positive there will be two lines, these may be faint. There will be a line next to the C and one next to the T.
    • If your result is void there will be no lines or one line next to the T.
    At-home Lateral flow result diagram
  • What do I do if my result is positive?

    If you test positive you must immediately self-isolate to avoid passing the virus on to others. You’ll also need to order or book a PCR test from the Government website to confirm your results. Find out more about how to self-isolate on the Government website.  

  • What does a negative result mean?

    A negative result means that an active coronavirus infection was not detected at the time you took the test. Therefore it is likely that you were not infectious when the test was done but you must continue to follow Government guidance and social distancing.  

  • Where can I take the test?

    You’ll need to take your test somewhere you can comfortably take a swab from your nose and throat. Ideally take your test at home away from other people, in case you have a positive result.

  • Who can use a COVID-19 lateral flow test kit?

    • Adults with no COVID-19 symptoms
    • Children with no COVID-19 symptoms (Children who go to primary school or younger children do not need to test.)
  • Do I need to report my test results?

    Yes, you should report your results if they’re negative or positive. Reporting your results helps the NHS find out where asymptomatic cases of COVID-19 are increasing or decreasing. They can then use your result to help keep everyone safe.

    You can either register your results online or call 119. If you have a positive result, you’ll need to self-isolate and order or book a PCR test to confirm your results.

  • How many rapid tests can I get?

    You can collect a box of 7 rapid tests from your local pharmacy* for you and your household to use twice a week. Before you go to the pharmacy get your collect code, take this with you when you visit us. One of our store colleagues will record your code and give you your tests. Please remember you need to get a new collect code for each collection.

  • Can I collect a box of rapid tests for somebody else?

    Yes, anyone in your household can use the tests, including children. You can collect test packs for your household and another household, but you must have a collect code for each household. 

    If you're aged 11-15 a parent or guardian will need to use this service to get a collect code. Children who go to primary school or younger children do not need to test

*Available across England. Subject to availability.