Free NHS lateral flow tests are no longer available - but don't worry, we'll continue to offer lateral flow test kits in various pack sizes, including single tests for just £1.89 or up to a pack of ten for £17 (£1.70 per test).

How the COVID-19 lateral flow test kits work

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Buy a test kit and we'll deliver to your door.

Test at home

Follow the instructions in the box to collect your sample at home.

Wait for results

Get your COVID-19 test result in 15 minutes.

Who can use the lateral flow test kit?

This test is recommended for -

  • People who don't have coronavirus symptoms 
  • Safe return to work or school 
  • Visiting a relative 
  • Peace of mind 

Who can administer the test?

  • Adults aged 18 and over:  self-test (unless unable to do so)
  • Teenagers aged 12 to 17:  self-test with adult supervision
  • Children 11 and under:  An adult must take the sample following the instructions in the information for use leaflet provided with your test

How much does a test kit cost?

Test kits cost from £1.89 - £17.

Test kits are available in various pack sizes, including single tests for just £1.89 or up to a pack of ten for £17 (£1.70 per test)

How do I take the test?

You’ll need to take a sample from the back of your throat, near your tonsils, and from your nose using the swab included. The swab is then dipped in a solution which is then dripped onto the lateral flow test paper pad. This generates a reading and your result in just 15 minutes.

Frequently asked questions

  • When will free lateral flow test kits no longer be available?

    From 1st April 2022, the government will no longer provide free NHS lateral flow test kits to the general public. If you're displaying symptoms, you can order a lateral flow test kit (non-travel) online from LloydsPharmacy, at £1.89 for one or up to £17 for a pack of ten.

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  • What type of test kit will I receive?

    Our at-home lateral flow tests use nasal swabs to identify or rule out the presence of coronavirus in your system.

  • What do my results mean?

    Your results will be visible in 15 minutes, use the instructions in the box and this guide below to read your results.

    • If your result is negative you’ll see one line next to the C.
    • If your result is positive there will be two lines, these may be faint. There will be a line next to the C and one next to the T.
    • If your result is void there will be no lines or one line next to the T.
    At-home Lateral flow result diagram
  • What do I do if my result is positive?

    If you have a positive test result, you should try to stay at home and avoid contact with other people for 5 days after the date of your test. Find out more about how to self-isolate on the Government website.  

  • What does a negative result mean?

    A negative result means that an active coronavirus infection was not detected at the time you took the test. Therefore, it is likely that you were not infectious when the test was done.

  • Where can I take the test?

    You’ll need to take your test somewhere you can comfortably take a swab from your nose and throat. Ideally take your test at home away from other people, in case you have a positive result.

  • Do I need a lateral flow test to travel?

    Our at-home lateral flow tests are not suitable for travel purposes and do not include certification for travel. We have two COVID-19 tests that can be used for travelling. These both provide a Fit to Fly certificate with a negative test result. Make sure to check which test you need for your travel destination on the government website before you buy or book a test.

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