See a GP by video in as little as 30 minutes See a GP by video in as little as 30 minutes

Why choose VideoGP?

See a doctor in as little as 30 minutes

Access to GPs with years of experience, seven days a week

Flexible payment options - one-off appointments, low-cost monthly or annual subscriptions

Price included medication, next-day delivery or same-day collection, referral letters and fit notes if needed

Flexible payment options, from £14.99

  • Annual subscription - £14.99/month (paid over 12 months)
  • Monthly subscriptions - £24.99/month (paid monthly, cancel anytime)
  • One-off appointments - £49.99 (one-off payment)

How do I sign up to use VideoGP?

1. Download app

2. Register in the app and log in

If you're a new patient, please register in the app. If you already have a LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor account, please log in with your existing details

3. Go through our simple ID check

You only have to do this once, when you first use our service

4. Book an appointment

Pay for your one-off appointment or subscription to the service