Product features

  • Modern, practical design
  • For treating insect bites and stings
  • Accelerates the healing process

Product description

Quick warming ceramic to treat insect bites and stings.

Beurer BR60 insect bite healer is a modern and practical device that uses a ceramic hot plate to alter the action of toxins that come from insect stings and bites. This then helps to stop itching, inflammation and swelling as well as accelerating the natural healing process of the body.

The ceramic hot plate reaches temperatures of 50°C comes with two settings:
Sensitive skin: 3 seconds of heat.
Normal skin: 6 seconds of heat.
The Quicker this device is used on the bite/sting the more effective the treatment will be.

This device works by destroying the protein that gets injected by the insect. This immediately stops itching and allows the bite to be healed. 

Features of Beurer BR60 insect bite healer

  • Medical device
  • Quick-warming ceramic hot plate
  • 2 settings: 3 seconds for sensitive skin and 6 seconds for normal skin
  • No chemical additives
  • Helps against itching, inflammation and swelling
  • Uses heat to alter the action of toxins from stings or bites
  • Fast and effective treatment
  • What's included

    • 1x Beurer BR60 insect bite healer
  • Specifications

    • Battery-operated: yes
    • Batteries: 2 x 1.5 V AAA batteries
    • Medical device: yes
  • Suitable for

    • Adults
    • Pregnant women
  • Warnings and cautions

    Do not use the device:

    • If you live with diabetes
    • On children under 3 years old
    • If you have sensitivity to heat - This includes people with skin alterations due to illness or scarred tissue in the application area, after taking pain relief medication, drinking alcohol or taking drugs
    • On acutely or chronically diseased (injured or irritated) skin (e.g. inflamed skin,whether painful or not, reddened skin, rashes, (e.g. allergies), burns, frostbite, bruises, swellings, both open and healing wounds, and post-operative scars where the healing process could be affected)
    • Do not use the device if you have a fever
    • On sensitive areas of skin
    • If you have any sensory impairment that reduces the feeling of pain (e.g. metabolic disorders)
    • If you are using lotions, creams and gels locally at the same time
    • Do not use the device if you suffer from persistently irritated skin due to long-term heat application on the same area of skin

    General warnings

    • Before using the device, consult your doctor if you have any skin conditions, serious illness (in particular if you have a propensity to thromboembolic conditions or recurrent malignant growths), unexplained chronic pain in any part of the body
    • Seek medical advice immediately if the symptoms persist despite using the insect bite healer and stop using it
    • Seek medical advice immediately if the symptoms worsen whilst or after using the insect bite healer and stop using it
    • Seek medical advice immediately if it is a tick bite. The bite may result in transmission of pathogens such as tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) or borreliosis
    • Do not use near to the eyes, on the eyelids, mouth or on mucous membranes
    • Store the device out of the reach of children and pets
    • If the device does not work properly, or if you feel unwell or experience pain, stop using it immediately
    • Do not touch the device with wet hands. Do not allow water to spray onto the device. Only operate the device if it is completely dry
    • Do not use any detergents or solvents to clean and maintain the device. If liquid penetrates the device this could cause damage to the electronics or other device parts and lead to a malfunction
    • The device should only be used by one person; use by multiple people is not recommended
    • Before use, ensure that there is no visible damage to the device or accessories. In case of any doubt, do not use the device
  • How to use

    1. Slide the ON/OFF switch towards the heating plate with the symbol “I” for ON. The device status LED lights up in blue and indicates to you that the device is ready to use
    2. You have the option to choose between 2 different application times, depending on how sensitive your skin is.
    3. Place the heating plate of the device on the area that has been stung or bitten.
    4. For a 3-second application, press the activation button once.
    5. Half of the illuminated ring lighting up blue indicates that the application is starting. This short application time is recommended for first use or use on sensitive skin.
    6. For a 6-second application, press the activation button twice in quick succession. The blue illuminated ring is completely lit up here and indicates that the treatment is starting. This application time is recommended for regular use on normal skin.
    7. After the end of the application, an acoustic signal sounds, heating of the heating plate is automatically stopped and the blue illuminated ring goes out.
    8. Remove the heating plate from the area of skin once the signal sounds.
    9. If required, you can use the heat function of the insect bite healer on the sting/bite again after a break of 2 minutes or also use it immediately on another sting/bite in a different area.
    10. The maximum number of 5 applications per hour on the same treatment area must not be exceeded.
    11. If the device is no longer required, set it to “OFF” again using the ON/OFF switch. This is indicated by the “O” symbol. The blue device status LED turns off.
    12. Before storing, make sure that the device is switched off and the heating plate has cooled down.
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