Product features

  • Free delivery included
  • CE-marked and approved for sale in the UK
  • Download a copy of your results in your Patient Record

Product description

At home COVID-19 swab test kit.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) swab test kit, sometimes called a PCR test, can be used at home to see if you have COVID-19. This test is the same as the ones used by the NHS and is CE-marked and approved for sale in the UK.

The test kit will have everything you need to collect your sample and send it back to the lab. Included in the kit will be a prepaid postage envelope to send your samples back to our partner lab for analysis. You’ll receive your results within an estimated 3 working days after our partner lab receives your sample, but it could take longer.

Once your results are ready, you’ll be able to view these securely online in your Patient Record and you’ll have access to a downloadable certificate in the ‘Documents’ section of your Patient Record.

Features of the COVID-19 swab test kit

  • At home COVID-19 swab test kit
  • Free delivery included
  • Results in 3 working days of sample arriving in the lab
  • Same test as used by the NHS
  • CE-marked and approved for sale in the UK
  • Everything you need to collect a sample
  • Understanding your swab test results

    Taking a swab test (sometimes called a PCR test) will let you know if you currently have COVID-19.

    What does a positive swab test result mean?
    A positive result means that signs of COVID-19 were found on your sample and you have COVID-19.

    What should I do if I get a positive swab test result?
    As soon as you get your result you and your household should self-isolate for 10 days. You should isolate for 10 days from when your symptoms started.

    If you have no symptoms, you and your household should isolate from 10 days from when you took the test. If you get symptoms during this time the 10 days restarts from when your symptoms begin.

    What does a negative swab test result mean?
    A negative swab result means that the virus was not found on your sample and you don’t have COVID-19.

    What should I do if I get a negative swab test result?
    Usually if you get a negative result you do not need to self-isolate.

    Please remember if someone in your household has tested positive or you’ve been contacted by NHS Test and Trace and told to isolate, you still have to isolate for 10 days, no matter if your result is negative.

    What does an inconclusive swab test result mean?
    An inconclusive result means that for some reason your sample couldn’t be ‘read’. This can be due to a poor sample or the swab being damaged in some way.

    What should I do if I get an inconclusive swab test result?
    If you bought your test from LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor, we would send you another test.

    In the meantime:

    • If you had symptoms you should continue to isolate until you can the results of a second test.
    • If you were getting a test because someone you live with or have been in contact with has tested positive, you should continue to self-isolate. It’s up to you if you get another test.
    • If you were getting the test for another reason (such as travel) it’s up to you if you get another test.
  • Advice for travellers

    We do not recommend you use the Online Doctor swab test service for outbound travel purposes. We cannot guarantee you will receive your results within 72 hours. The downloadable copy of your results does not include personal information which some airlines and countries require for travel (passport number for example).

    Taking a COVID PCR swab test on your return will confirm whether or not you currently have COVID-19.

  • Specifications

    • 1 swab test
  • Suitable for

    • Adults of 18 years of age and over
  • Warnings and cautions

    • Keep out of the sight and reach of children
    • Please ensure your sample is clearly labelled
    • Single use
    • This test is for a single person and should not be shared
  • How to use

    1. If not already pre-populated please complete the test request for provided by your doctor/clinic, separate to this kit.
    2. Clearly complete the swab collection tube label using a ball point pen with:
      Your Surname
      Your First name
      Your Date of birth
      Date of sample collection
    3. If you are returning your sample using Royal Mail post please follow steps 4-5, otherwise go straight, otherwise go to step number 6.
    4. Please make a note of the unique tracking number displayed under the barcode on the postal tracking label.
      Keep this in a safe place for further reference. You can track the delivery of your Royal Mail parcel by entering this number here
    5. Peel off the postal tracking label and carefully apply it to the return envelope as shown
    6. Wash your hands.
    7. Affix the completed swab collection tube label to the swab before collecting your sample.
    8. Twist the cap of the swab tube and pull the swab out taking take not to let the end touch any surface.
    9. Make sure the swab makes good contact with the 5 key areas of the mouth:
      1 – Tonsil
      2 – Posterior wall
      3 – Uvula
      4 – Posterior wall
      5 – Tonsil
    10. Using the same swab, carefully insert it 2-3cm horizontally into one nostril as it is comfortably possible.
    11. Rotate the swab 5 times and then leave in position for 5-10 seconds to absorb any material present.
    12. Put the swab back into the tube and firmly close the cap.
    13. Place your sample into the clear specimen bag and seal tight.