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Diabetes monitoring products

Finger pricked for diabetes test
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What diabetes monitoring products are out there and what do they do?

There are a range of monitors and meters for checking your blood glucose levels, helping you to manage your diabetes. Not everyone living with diabetes will have to monitor their blood glucose levels, so always follow the advice of your GP or diabetic nurse about self-testing. 

Generally if you’re living with type 1 you will need to monitor multiple times in a day, for those living with type 2 diabetes you might not need to monitor your blood glucose levels. Ask your healthcare team what is right for you.

If you do need to monitor your blood glucose levels, there are a range of monitors for checking your levels, and helping you to manage your diabetes. From those which don’t require a finger prick, to ones that can link to your phone or ones that are compact so you can take it around with you. Browse our top picks below: 

For those who want to avoid finger pricks

Freestyle libre

Freestyle libre

Unlike traditional blood glucose monitoring, using the FreeStyle Libre sensor does not involve routine finger pricks. It consists of one reader and two sensors which last up to 14 days, providing you up to one month’s use. The sensor is applied on the back of the upper arm with an applicator.

Abbot Diabetes Care users found that inserting the sensor was no more painful than a typical finger prick test. It automatically measures and stores your glucose readings day and night. It updates every minute, storing up to eight hours of readings in 15-minute intervals. You can link to a smartphone app to monitor remotely. Ask at your next appointment with your diabetes team whether it’s suitable for you and available on prescription.

For those who want something simple to set up and compact in design

Accu-Chek performa nano blood glucose system

Accu-check blood glucose system
A reliable small meter that offers style and performance with its compact design and smart simplicity. With a large, automatic backlit display, it’s easy to read in low-light conditions. It’s ready to use as there’s no initial set up or coding required.

For those who have dexterity issues



The GlucoRx Nexus Glucose Meter is an innovative, sleek and compact blood glucose monitoring system. It’s simple and easy to use, and helps you to manage your results. There is no coding needed, offers an average of your daily readings and alarm reminders so you don’t forget when you need to check your levels.


For those who want to track using their phones

iHealth align

iHealth align

A small portable glucose meter that is inserted directly to your smartphone or tablet to provide fast, accurate readings wherever you are. It works exclusively with iHealth test strips and a downloadable app called Gluco-Smart. The kit includes all you need to measure and record your blood glucose readings and share these with your GP direct from your smartphone or tablet.

Diabetes and blood pressure

If you’re living with diabetes, you will need to get your blood pressure checked by a healthcare professional at least once a year. But, if you have been told you have high or low blood pressure and monitor it more regularly than that, you can. You can either come into your local LloydsPharmacy for a blood pressure check, or pick up one of our blood pressure monitors.

Blood pressure monitor and cuff

LloydsPharmacy blood pressure monitor

This fully automatic blood pressure monitor is an accurate, portable monitor and provides you with the convenience of testing at home. It’s easy to use - just place the cuff on your arm, ensuring it’s level with your heart, press the start button to inflate the cuff, and relax and wait for the results.

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