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Best ways to manage your diabetes

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Helping you manage diabetes

Whether you've been recently diagnosed, or you've had diabetes for years, we want you to keep healthy. So, we're here with advice and support and a wide range of products to help you manage your condition.

Make sure you have your eight annual health checks

  1. Blood pressure monitoring to check for any early signs of heart disease that people with diabetes are at greater risk of developing. Shop blood pressure monitors.
  2. Cholesterol testing to test cholesterol levels. Poor cholesterol control can lead heart disease, so testing helps alert you to any required changes to your diet and lifestyle. Shop an at home cholesterol test kit here.
  3. Smoking to record smoking status. Smoking heightens the chances of developing complications with diabetes. We can help you quit, so request an appointment and ask for advice from our expert healthcare team.
  4. Foot check to see if there are any changes to the skin, circulation and nerve supply. Poor diabetes management can cause poor circulation, nerve damage and reduce the feeling in your feet. Book a FREE foot check and to find out how to keep your feet healthy
  5. BMI test to check that you are a healthy weight. Your waist measurement is also a good indicator of good health. The results of both may result in advice for weight loss.
  6. Blood glucose levels to measure your levels of HbA1c (blood glucose) and check overall blood glucose control so that healthy targets can be set for you. Shop at home glucose test kits.
  7. Urine Albumen test to check your kidney function alongside the Serum Creatinine test. These require a blood and urine sample to test your protein levels.
  8. Serum Creatinine test to check your kidney function alongside the Urine Albumen Test. These require a blood and urine sample to test the protein levels.
We offer a range of healthcare services at your local LloydsPharmacy. Come in store and ask our healthcare team. Did you know if you have diabetes, you are entitled to a FREE NHS flu jab? Find out more here.

    Other considerations

    There are other things to consider when managing diabetes, besides keeping your blood glucose at the right levels. Whether you want advice on pregnancy, fasting for Ramadan or want to understand the rules for driving, find out more advice from our diabetes support pages.

    Get reminders when to take your medicine

    Making sure you take your medicine on time, regularly, is important. With LloydsDirect by LloydsPharmacy, you can set reminders on your smartphone to just give you that little nudge as how and when to take your prescription. Plus, you can get it delivered to your door, for free. Learn more about LloydsDirect here.

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