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Nicorette product comparison grid

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Which Nicorette product should I use? Take a look at our product comparison chart to determine which Nicorette product may be best for you.

Nicorette product comparison grid

Nicorette QuickMist SmarTrack Mouth Spray
Nicorette QuickMist Mouth Spray
Nicorette Gum
Nicorette Cools Lozenge
Nicorette Invisipatch
Nicorette Inhalator
Dual Support
All-day craving control
Yes Yes
Fast acting
Yes Yes Yes
Hand-to--mouth action
Portable for on-the-go use
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes
Near Field Communication (NFC) tracking with Nicorette app


Nicorette product range

Nicorette Quickmist SmarTrack - 1st Connected* craving relief spray to help you quit. QuickMist SmarTrack provides you with a personalised quit plan with just a tap, by leveraging Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to connect to a personal support app.

Nicorette QuickMistDiscreetly packaged and ideal for use on the go, QuickMist works by acting fast on cravings to help smokers quit. It helps make nicotine cravings a thing of the past .

Nicorette Gum - For smokers who like using gum as a fast method to control cravings! It helps fights 7 withdrawal symptoms of quitting - cravings, irritability, low mood, restlessness, anxiety, poor concentration and increased appetite.

Nicorette Lozenge - For smokers who want flexible but discreet control of cravings whenever or wherever needed.

Nicorette Invisipatch - An effective once-a-day way to help you deal with nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms associated with giving up smoking.

Nicorette Inhalator - A clinically proven nicotine replacement aid that provides the hand to mouth action of a real cigarette.

Nicorette Nasal Spray - Easy-to-use nicotine replacement therapy that offers relief from cravings, just 60 seconds after use.

Nicorette Microtab – Help kick your cigarette habit into touch. Microtab is a flexible but discreet way to tackle cravings as they occur

*by technology to an app Nicorette QuickMist SmartTrack mouth spray, Nicorette QuickMist mouth spray, Nicorette Gum, Nicorette Cools Lozenge, Nicorette Invisipatch , Nicorette Inhalator, Nicorette Nasal Spray, Nicorette Microtab 2mg subligual tablet contains nicotine. Nicorette stop smoking aids contain nicotine and require willpower. Always read the label.