Best ways to lose weight

Everyone has their own goals, motives and hopes for losing weight, but ultimately it needs to become a way of life to suit you, so it's one you want to make last. Working towards your goals can look different for everyone – we’re all unique.

A gym buddy could help you find the motivation you need to enjoy moving your body in a way that is right for you. Or setting and celebrating mini milestones, whether it is running a little further or having an extra portion of vegetables could help you to stay positive.  

Weight loss tips

Discover the 12 best ways to lose weight in our healthy weight loss guide, we’ve got weight loss tips to suit your lifestyle. Find new ways to shake up your daily routine, new exercises to help lift your mood and tasty snacking swaps. Plus, discover weight management tips designed to help you create a healthier lifestyle whether you’re considering going vegan or interested in intermittent fasting. Look through our helpful weight loss guides for inspiration and motivation to kick start your very own weight loss adventure.

Weight loss products

If you’re wondering how to lose weight then slimming aids, weight loss tablets, meal replacement drinks and shakes could help you. When combined with a healthy, balanced diet and exercise routine, weight loss supplements can support your goals. We’ve got everything you need for weight management including products from big brands; SlimFast, Protein World and XLS-Medical.

Adding exercise into your day isn’t just a way to boost your heart health or manage your weight, it also improves your mental health and mood. If you want to move your body a little more a fitness tracker or watch is an easy way to monitor your activity throughout the day, whether you’re at the gym or walking to work. Record your weightlifting session, how long you danced round the kitchen or even running for the bus. You may want to set goals, time sessions or simply see how far you can really walk the dog. It's up to you!

We also have a range of weight scales for both your kitchen and bathroom. Choose from digital body analysis scales which can help give you a picture of your overall health including body fat percentage and bone mass. There’s also scales to suit busy households that can save up to eight different users' measurements. They even connect to your phone offering a graph recording of your last recorded weight to show your progress and help you stay motivated.