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Why do I have period pain but no period?

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Many women experience pain in their abdomen from time to time that feels like period pain and cramps; however your period may not be the cause of this pain. These feelings of discomfort could be because you are ovulating, constipated or feeling overly stressed.

If you're experiencing period cramps but no period regularly or infrequently you should discuss your pain with your GP, they’ll be able to determine what is causing this and help you to find the best medication or treatment for you.

Reasons for period pain but no period

There are many reasons why you are experiencing the symptoms of your period but do not notice any menstrual bleeding, these can include:

Although the cause of these cramps could be harmless you should still discuss your symptoms with your GP so they can ensure that you receive any help that you may need. Jotting your symptoms down in a diary along with the date, time and what you ate will be able to help your doctor determine what is causing your period pain.

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What are the signs that I will be starting my period?

In the two weeks leading up to your period you might notice certain psychical, emotional and behavioural changes taking place.

Why is my period late?

Your period can be late for many reasons, for example you could be pregnant. Lifestyle factors such as stress and your weight or the contraception that you are using can also affect your menstrual cycle. To find out more about why your period is late click here.

Can you have a period and not bleed?

Yes, you can experience the symptoms of your period but your usual menstrual bleeding may not happen as you expect it to. If you have cramps, bloating and fatigue but no period this is because there is an imbalance of hormones in your body.Your age can play a big part in this, if you haven’t started your period yet your body could be getting ready for your first one, or if you are in your late 40s to mid-50s you may be starting the menopause.

You might also be wondering why your period is late or whether you have missed a period for some reason – perhaps you're pregnant.

Why is my period so painful?

Period pain is caused by the muscles in your womb (uterus) contracting and tightening. Many women only experience mild discomfort during their period, however if you experience severe pain you should talk to your GP.