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Pain & fever

Help kids feel better from pain and fever symptoms

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Congestion relief and soothing comfort

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Pain and fever relief when you're on the go

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Soothing relief from coughs

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Why choose CALPOL®?

9/10 parents recommend CALPOL® to friends and family*

CALPOL® is Britain's No.1 selling kids’ medicine brand** and has been trusted by parents for over 50 years

CALPOL® SixPlus soothes 5 types of pain including headache, toothache, sore throat, earache, muscle aches and pains

Bigger 200ml pack sizes available in Pharmacy***

*In a poll of 329 parents of children 10 years and under, 90% were likely to recommend CALPOL® to friends/family to use for their children. YouGov, 2019. ​
**Source ©2021 NielsenIQ data, Value, Units, Total Paediatrics (Kids Medicine) (client defined) 52 w/e 24.07.2021 (GB Total Coverage)​​. For claims verification, please contact​
***Available on CALPOL® Infant Suspension and CALPOL® SixPlus Suspension. Cost saving based on the RRP of purchasing two 100ml products versus buying one 200ml product.​

CALPOL® frequently asked questions

  • Can I give my child CALPOL® and CALGEL® together?

    You can give your child CALPOL® Infant Suspension alongside CALGEL® Teething Gel to provide additional relief from teething pain. Remember to read the label and leaflet for specific advice on dosage and further instructions. 

  • Can I use CALPOL® if my baby is premature?

    CALPOL® Infant Suspension can be given to babies from 2 months, provided they weigh at least 4kg and were not born prematurely (before 37 weeks). If your child was born prematurely, please ensure you speak to a healthcare professional for advice.

  • Why is there a CALPOL® syringe provided with every bottle?

    We include a syringe in every CALPOL® bottle to ensure the correct dosage is measured accurately for your child. Remember to read the label for specific advice on dosage and further instructions.

  • Does CALPROFEN®  contain paracetamol?

    CALPROFEN® does not contain paracetamol. However, it does contain ibuprofen which can provide relief from fever for up to 8 hours and helps relieve aches and pains.

  • How long does CALPOL® take to work?

    CALPOL® Infant Suspension gets to work quickly on fever, and starts to reduce fever within 15 minutes. For information on other CALPOL® products, please refer to the relevant product page. Remember to read the label and leaflet for specific advice on dosage and further instructions.

  • How much CALPOL® can I give my child? Can you overdose on it?

    With any product in the CALPOL® range, always follow the instructions on the packaging for information about the dosage to give to your child. Make sure to use the syringe or measuring spoon provided when measuring the dose. Do not exceed the recommended dose. In the case of an overdose, seek medical help straight away.

  • Can CALPROFEN® be given with CALCOUGH®?

    CALPROFEN® can be given with CALCOUGH® to help provide pain relief for your child if they have pain that may be associated with a cough such as sore throats. CALPROFEN® will help treat symptoms such as a sore throat, fever or aches and pains.

  • Are CALPOL® suspensions gluten-free?

    Yes, all CALPOL® suspensions are gluten-free so they're suitable to use if your child is gluten intolerant.

  • Are CALPOL® products suitable for vegetarians?

    Most CALPOL® products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans, but to be sure please contact the CALPOL® consumer care team for information on specific products. Remember to read the label and leaflet provided for further information.

CALPOL® Sugar Free Infant Suspension for infants two months + (weighing over 4kg & not premature). Always read the label. ​
CALPOL® SIXPLUS Sugar Free SuspensionCALPOL® SIXPLUS Fastmelts (for six+ years only). Contains paracetamol. For pain and fever. Always read the label. 
CALPROFEN® Ibuprofen Suspension for infants three+ months (weighing over 5kg). For pain and fever. Always read the label.​
CALPOL® Vapour Plug & Nightlight (from three months) to help with clear and easy breathing. Non-medicine. Always read the label. ​
CALPOL® Saline Nasal Drops (from birth). For congestion relief. Non medicine. Always read the label. ​
CALCOUGH® Infant Syrup (for three+ months). Contains glycerol. CALCOUGH® Children’s Syrup (for one+ years). For cough. Always read the label. 
CALGEL® Teething Gel. For relief of pain and discomfort, associated with teething, where other non-medicinal methods (such as massaging of the gums or use of teething rings) do not provide necessary relief. Use from 5 months of age. For short term use of no more than 7 days. Always read the label.
For all of the CALPOL® range, please consult your pharmacist for further advice and always read the label.