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FRONTLINE® The UK’s leading flea and tick brand for dogs and cats*

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FRONTLINE® frequently asked questions

  • How does FRONTLINE® treatment work?

    Once applied, the treatment is stored in the sebaceous glands in your pet's skin and spreads over the whole body surface with their natural oils. Fleas and ticks are killed through contact with your pet's skin and coat so they do not need to bite to be killed.

  • How long does FRONTLINE® take to work?

    After treatment, FRONTLINE® products need to spread over the whole body surface before they start to work, which can take up to 24 hours.

    After this time your pet is protected for the whole duration of treatment and fleas will be killed within 24 hours of jumping onto your pet, and ticks within 48 hours of latching on.

    If you're using FRONTLINE Tri-Act® FOR DOGS then fleas and ticks will be killed much faster - within 6 hours!

    Efficancy against ticks up to 2 weeks in cats. Minimum treatment interval is 4 weeks.

  • How often should you treat a dog or cat with FRONTLINE®?

    Although the likelihood of your pets being affected by fleas decreases in the winter months, the shift in climate change has resulted in us experiencing milder winters, favouring the survival of fleas outdoors for much longer.

    Fleas also continue to develop indoors in homes thanks to central heating. Therefore, it’s important to keep protecting your pet throughout the year by treating every 4 weeks for optimal protection.

  • Does FRONTLINE® kill ticks?

    Yes. All our FRONTLINE Plus®, FRONTLINE Tri-Act® and FRONTLINE Spot On® products kill both fleas and ticks.

  • What is the active ingredient in FRONTLINE® flea and tick treatments?

    The main active ingredients in FRONTLINE Plus® flea treatments  is fipronil, (S)-methoprene. UK: NFA-VPS.  For FRONTLINE Tri-Act® for dogs it are fipronil and permethrin. FRONTLINE Spot On® contains fipronil.

  • Can I buy FRONTLINE® without a prescription?

    Yes. You can find a full range of FRONTLINE® products in all leading pet retailers and pharmacies.

  • How do I identify fleas on my pet?

    Fleas are small, move fast and can be difficult to spot – especially in dark, long or thick coats. If in doubt, look for black specks in the coat, comb them out onto damp paper and see if a reddish halo appears around the speck. If it does, it's flea dirt - your pet's blood partially digested by fleas.

  • How do I identify ticks on my pet?

    Most ticks are only the size of a sesame seed when they latch onto their host, so they're very hard to spot. Once they start to feed, ticks can swell up to 200 times their original size, sometimes reaching the size of a coffee bean.

    It is important to regularly check your pet for ticks, paying close attention to areas where the fur is thinner, such as their tummy, head and ears.



FRONTLINE Plus® contains fipronil and (S)-methoprene. UK: AVM-GSL. FRONTLINE Tri-Act® contains fipronil and permethrin. UK: NFA-VPS. FRONTLINE® Spot On contains fipronil. UK: AVM-GSL.
VELOXA® contains febantel, praziquantel and pyrantel.
Further information available in the SPC or from Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health UK Ltd, RG12 8YS, UK. Email:
Use Medicines Responsibly. FRONTLINE HomeGard® is a biocide. Use biocides safely.
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