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3 simple skincare tips for preventing dry, sore hands

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There’s never been a better time to learn a simple hand care routine. With frequent hand washing, regular applications of hand sanitiser and not to mention stress caused to our skin from cold weather, many of us are experiencing the discomfort of dry, sore hands.

If you have sensitive skin, or hands that are prone to dryness, keeping them in good condition can feel like a constant battle. But you don’t need a complicated skincare routine to ensure your hands get the nourishment they need.

Read these three simple tips below from Nursem, the skincare brand developed with nurses and discover how to prevent dry and sore hands.

Look out for ingredients that help combat dryness

Shopping for skincare products is a lot easier when you know which ingredients are most effective. Using naturally derived formulas is a good place to start – natural ingredients are much gentler on the skin and are rich with nutrients and antioxidants.

Manuka honey has many benefits to our skin and is a key ingredient in Nursem’s hand cream. Not only does it help to soothe areas of inflammation, but as a natural humectant it also draws in and retains moisture in the skin. Glycerin is another key ingredient in all Nursem products. This powerful plant-derived substance works by restoring your skin’s natural barrier, to lock in moisture and prevent ongoing dryness.

These are just two powerful ingredients you’ll find in Nursem , but they also include lots of other amazing moisture-locking and restorative ingredients to help prevent dryness, such as Hyaluronic Acid, Colloidal Oatmeal, Allantoin and Pro Vitamin B5.

Know which ingredients to avoid

Knowing which ingredients to avoid in skincare products is just as important as knowing which ones to look out for. Try to avoid parabens, mineral oils, silicones and sulphates. These substances are often added to products as ‘quick fixes’ to improve factors such as texture and preservability. However, they do not provide any lasting benefits to your skin, and can in fact cause adverse effects.

Nursem use gentle alternatives to these kinds of substances in their formulas. For example it’s likely you’ll find many hand washes contain sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) – a harsh surfactant which strips your hands of their natural protective oils. Nursem’s hand wash is SLS free, and uses natural surfactants which clean your hands just like soap but are much gentler on the skin.

By avoiding ‘quick fix’ ingredients, you can rest assured that your hands have the best chance of keeping dry skin at bay.

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Start a daily hand care routine

Our hands are one of the most active parts of our body. That’s why a daily hand care routine is so important to maintain hydration and protect the skin from wear and tear.

Start by replacing your everyday soap with Nursem’s gentle hand wash. Nursem recently conducted a survey and found that since the outbreak of COVID-19, we’ve been washing our hands on average twice as much, with 70% of those surveyed reporting a worsening in the condition of their skin. A gentle hand wash will prevent the skin’s natural barrier from breaking down, keeping your hands nourished and protected.

By conditioning your hands throughout the day with Nursem’s hand cream, you’ll continue to protect your skin from damage caused by frequent hand washing. Just a pea-sized amount of hand cream will give your skin hours of protection and hydration. A helpful way to get into the habit of applying hand cream is to keep it by your sink to use after you wash your hands.

Finally, an overnight treatment is a great way to restore hydration and facilitate the healing process. Nursem’s Caring Skin Fix is an intensive treatment for persistently dry and sore skin. It’s particularly effective for those stubborn spots of dryness and discomfort – like cracked knuckles and fingertips – but can be used anywhere on your body.

The Nursem Promise

Not only does Nursem help you look after your hands, but it also helps look after the hands of NHS healthcare professionals. For every Nursem product sold, they give a month’s worth of free hand cream to a nurse or midwife. This is their Nursem Promise . So far they have helped over 150,000 nurses and midwives though the Nursem Promise – click here to find out more.

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