Our range of electricals can help to prevent, treat and monitor conditions such as asthma, high blood pressure or chronic pain. Whether you’re looking for a TENS machine, blood pressure monitors or circulation booster, we have the device to suit you and your individual needs.

Here at LloydsPharmacy, we know how important looking after yourself and keeping active is, which is why we have activity trackers and smart scales, which could help you reach your goals and track your progress. With a variety of informative articles and handy guides, we can support you and help you see how an electrical device can help you manage your pain, respiratory condition or diabetes.

We also have beauty items on offer which can also help you feel your best, whether you’re after defined brows or salon perfect feet. Not only can they help to support your wellbeing and boost your mood, electrical items like an electric toothbrush, can make everyday task easier and quicker.