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7 ways to combat a bad skin day

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We all have a bad skin day from time to time! That’s why we thought we’d talk to our skin experts and find the top 7 things that can cause a bad skin day, and the easiest things you can do to help avoid them.

Drinks lots of water

Every system and function in our body depends on water and skin, as our biggest organ, is no different. Skin cells, like any other cell in the body, are made up of water and without it our organs are not able to function at their best.

Unfortunately, water is delivered to our other organs first and usually reaches our skin cells last, so it’s often left dehydrated, resulting in dry, tight or flaky skin. Dry skin has less resilience and is more prone to wrinkling, so ensure you take in enough water to reach your skin and keep it hydrated – 2-3 litres a day is usually sufficient.

Stick to products meant for skin

The internet is full of weird and wonderful information, but not all of it is completely accurate – so be aware that not everything you read will work. A common mistake is using toothpaste on spots – toothpaste is meant for your teeth which are one of the hardest surfaces in your body

Using a product on your skin which is actually intended for the teeth will damage your skin and cause it to completely dry out. Stick to products that are intended for your skin and you’ll see much better results in the long run.

Clean make up brushes once a week to avoid a build-up of bacteria

We’re all covered in bacteria and for the most part it’s not harmful, but if it builds up then that’s when it can cause spots. Make up brushes come into contact with our skin every day, as well as a myriad of other surfaces – such as the bottom of our handbags or dirty make up tables, so they are highly likely to pick up all sorts of bacteria and transfer it straight to our skin.

Make a habit of cleaning make up brushes at least once a week to keep build-up to a minimum and ensure as little as possible is transferred to your skin.

Be selective with your make up

When you’re having a bad skin day, the last thing you’ll want to do is avoid make up altogether, so just make sure you’re using products that are appropriate for your skin ailment and that allow the skin to breathe.

For those experiencing acne or greasy skin, an oil-free or non-condegemic product such as a powder or mineral-based make up will matte any shine, where as those that live with dry skin will need to use more oil-based products.

Be patient with your skin

Unfortunately, a lot of people are looking for a quick-fix solution for bad skin, but that just doesn’t exist. It’s about being patient, not picking at spots, eczema, dry skin or other skin problems and using a product that will help balance out the problem in the long-run.

Some products can take around 4 weeks to make a difference, but it’s worth persisting, because ‘quick-fix’ methods don’t prevent the problem returning over time, whereas specialist products which take a little longer to make a difference will do.

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Always remove your make up

During the night we are naturally warmer and sweatier and if make up is left on overnight, then bacteria is more likely to develop and our pores are less able breath, resulting in an increased chance of waking up with bad skin outbreaks – whether in the form of spots or dry patches. Skin goes through a regeneration process at night, so it’s important to ensure that nothing gets in the way of that.

Look for multi-tasking products

3-in-1 products that cleanse, tone and remove make up in one are an absolute handbag essential as they can be applied quickly and easily with tissue or cotton pads (if you have them) and looks after your skin while you’re away from home.