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Protein myths debunked with Rhiannon Lambert

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Registered nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert shines a light on some of the major misconceptions associated with protein intake and offers tips on how to add it to your diet.

Does protein keep you fuller for longer?

The first myth that Rhiannon wants to address is the fact that eating a protein-rich meal keeps you fuller for longer. In the video, she explains it’s not the protein alone that makes you feel fuller but the overall meal with the protein, fibre and carbohydrates combined.

Do you need to increase your protein intake if you're working out?

The second myth is surrounding protein and exercise. Rhiannon tells us that you don’t need to significantly increase your protein intake when you go to the gym, especially if you are only participating in the odd yoga class or half hour workout session.

Should you take protein before or after exercise?

Rhiannon says that for the normal gym goer, without a specific muscle mass goal, protein synthesis happens across the course of the day, so whether you take protein before a workout or after it, there will be no massive boost to your performance.

What are good sources of lean protein?

Another misconception Rhiannon talks about in the video is the belief that a high-protein diet is largely confined to eating chicken and drinking protein shakes. From tofu to white fish, she discusses the different sources of lean protein and how to incorporate it into your diet.

Can you get enough protein from a plant-based diet?

It is commonly thought that plant-based eaters don’t get enough protein in their diets. Rhiannon explains that this is not true and there are plenty of protein-rich plant-based alternatives to meat, fish, and dairy. Read our protein sources for vegans blog for more top tips.

Watch Rhiannon's protein myths debunked video: