Product features

  • Combines TENS technology with soothing heat
  • Targets joint and muscle pain with triple action TENS
  • Drug-free at home pain relief

Product description

Triple action TENS technology combined with soothing heat for at home pain relief.

OMRON HeatTens is a certified medical device for home-use which provides safe and drug-free pain relief. The HeatTens reduces and relieves pain, stiffness and numbness in the muscles and joints of the back, arms, legs, feet and shoulders.

The OMRON HeatTens is a powerful combination of two complementary therapies: TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) technology and soothing heat. The heat relaxes the muscles and soothes pain whilst the TENS stimulates your body's natural pain-relieving mechanisms using electrical pulses which help to block pain messages, triggering the release of endorphins.

With the HeatTens you have the option of six pre-set automatic programmes (each for a dedicated body zone) or the option to customise your treatment in three simple steps: therapy choice, heat intensity and massage mode (tap, knead or rub). You are also able to alter the intensity settings during the treatment.

Features OMRON HeatTens pain reliever

  • Dual therapy for muscle and joint pain
  • Three massaging modes
  • Triple action TENS
  • Drug-free pain relief
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Safe to use at home
  • Rechargeable battery
  • What's included

    • OMRON HeatTens main unit
    • 2 x pairs of gels
    • Cord with pads
    • Pad holder
    • Mains (AC) adapter
    • User manual
  • Specifications

    • Treatment zones: back, shoulders, joints, legs, arms, soles (feet)
    • Massage modes: tap, knead and rub
    • Intensity levels: 20
    • Display: yes
    • Mode: Heat mode
    • Weight: 836.0g
    • Height: 21.00cm
    • Length: 18.00cm
    • Depth: 8.00cm
    • Warranty: 3 years
    • Drug free treatment
  • Suitable for

    • OMRON HeatTens is suitable for adults who are able to communicate effectively
    • It is NOT suitable for children under 15 years of age, pregnant women including those who think they may be pregnant and those unable to operate the unit themselves
  • Warnings and cautions

    • Not suitable for use during pregnancy or labour, or if you suspect you may be pregnant
    • Not suitable for people with pacemakers or other implanted medical devices or for people with heart rhythm problems
    • Not suitable without supervision for children under 16 years of age
    • Keep out of reach of children
    • Cancer patients, people with diabetes or epilepsy should seek medical advice before using this product
    Do not use the unit with these other devices:
    • If you have a pacemaker, implanted defibrillator or other implanted metallic or electronic devices
    • Together with a TENS device
    • Together with a life-supporting medical electronic device; an artificial heart or lung respirator
    Never apply the pads to these body areas:
    • Head, mouth or face
    • Neck or throat
    • On or near the heart
    • The genital area
    • Both sides of the thorax
    • Soles of the feet
    • Consult your doctor before use if you have had a medical procedure, suspected or diagnosed heart disease or epilepsy
    • Do not use in the bath or shower
    • Do not use whilst driving, operating machinery, exercising or sleeping
    • Do not use on open wounds, rashes, skin eruptions (thrombosis) or areas of skin that lack normal sensation
    • Do not move the pads or remove the pads during treatment
    • Do not treat one region for extended period of time - more than one 30 minute session
    For further information and details on the OMRON HeatTens pain reliever please read the enclosed user manual

  • How to use

    Starting the treatment:
    1. Ensure the device is OFF.
    2. Put the jack into the bottom left side of the HeatTens unit.
    3. Remove the gels from the sealed plastic bag - each gel has a film on each side. One film is blank (without text) the other side has text (SKIN).
    4. Remove the blank plastic film.
    5. Onto the black side of the pads place the gels - ensure the gel is placed evenly and securely with no bubbles, bending or missing pieces.
    6. On top the gel should read "SKIN". Remove the "SKIN" side's plastic film.
    7. Place the pads onto the skin* where you require treatment ensuring the pads stick to the skin.
    8. Turn the device ON and select your treatment type - do not turn the unit on until the pads are on the skin.

    *Make sure the treatment area is dry and free of all lotions, oils, sweat and ointments.