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COPD breathing exercises

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When you’re living with COPD one of the main symptoms you might be experiencing is increasing breathlessness particularly when you’re active.

This can make you feel anxious, making the breathlessness worse. But there are some things you could do try to help you reduce breathlessness, including breathing exercises. That’s why we’ve put together a short guide on COPD breathing exercises.

COPD breathing exercises

Different exercises work best for different people, so don’t be disheartened if the first technique you try doesn’t work for you. Try to practice these every day.

Breathing exercises can also help if you get out of breath suddenly. Your physiotherapist can help you find what works best for you.

Relaxed slow deep breathing

Try to breathe in gently though your nose and out through your nose and mouth. Focus on feeling relaxed and calm each time you breathe out

Pursed-lips breathing

This technique helps you slow your breathing down and stay calm. You can use it during and after exercise as well as any activity that makes you feel short of breath.

  • You need to breathe in through the nostrils and then breathe out slowly through pursed lips, like you’re blowing out a candle.
  • Make sure you don’t force the air out and try to breathe out two to three times longer than when you breathe in.

This can help you slow you breathing and increase the amount of time you can exercise or perform and activity.

Blow as you go

Try to use this technique when you’re doing something that makes you breathless, such as standing up. Breathe in before you make the effort, then breathe out while making the effort. Try using pursed lips as you breathe out

Paced breathing

This is good to use when you’re active, such as climbing stairs. You pace your steps to when you breathe. Take a breath in when you’re on the stair, and then out as you go up a stair.

Be in control of your breathing

Remember The British Lung Foundation says that to be in control of your breathing means breathing gently, using the least effort you can, with your shoulders supported and relaxed. If you want more advice on how to manage breathlessness, here’s British Lung Foundation’s guide.

If you struggle breathing due to COPD and are looking for a breathing aid to help alongside your medication, you could try the REVITIVE Aerosure drug free breathing relief.

Want more information on living with COPD, click here for more advice.