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For sensitive, allergic, dehydrated or irritated skin

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Why choose tolpa®

The tolpa® dermo face range of skin care treatments are designed to address specific skincare concerns such as blemishes, blackheads, oiliness and dehydration. tolpa® lands in the ‘sweet spot’ between the natural and the scientific.

The formulations are highly effective, with active ingredients blended at the optimum potency. This is all achieved whilst delivering product textures that are formulated for comfort, with appealing fragrances, cooling effects and tone-evening benefits.

Unique natural ingredients tolpa® peat
• Clean active ingredients
• Tested to the highest dermatological standard
• Leading in beauty trends

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What is tolpa® peat?

tolpa peat® was discovered in the 1960s by Professor Tolpa which is where its name comes from. Since then it became the key ingredient in all of our products.

tolpa® frequently asked questions

  • Can tołpa® dermocosmetics be used by pregnant/breastfeeding women?

    The safety of our ingredients is of paramount importance. Apart from the in-depth research conducted at the Medical University, there are EU standards and regulations that tołpa® strictly adheres to. This means that they are safe for use on the skin. Pregnancy, however, is a special period in the life of a woman, So when choosing a new skincare dermocosmetic treatment, it is important to consult your doctor or midwife before using.

  • Is the composition of tołpa® dermocosmetics safe for sensitive skin?

    Yes. Behind the safety of our ingredients, apart from the in-depth research conducted at the Medical University, there are EU standards and regulations. tołpa® only use safe concentrations of substances, in accordance with the provisions of the EU Cosmetics Directive. Skin and its safety are of paramount importance at tolpa®.

  • Can tołpa® dermocosmetics be comedogenic for acne-prone skin?

    Comedogenic means one with tendency to clog pores. Our skin care dermocosmetics do not contain comedogenic substances.

  • Are tołpa® dermocosmetics tested on animals?

    tołpa® is firmly anti animal cruelty and as such, our dermocosmetics ranges have never been tested on animals - and never would be.


*Based on Torf Corporation Environmental and Purchasing Policy
**Amounts of peat estimated based on:
***Based on Tordt Corporateion internal data for peat use