In the UK, it's estimated that 14 million men, women, young people and children are living with bladder problems.* TENA is here to support you.

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TENA Pants Plus
TENA Pants Plus adapt to individual needs and bodies. With a close body-fit and textile like, breathable materials they are designed for soft comfort. The Dual Absorption Zone efficiently channels moisture away from the body, allowing you to keep dry and confident all day.

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TENA Pants Super
TENA Pants Super are disposable, soft pants with a comfortable fit. Integrated leakage barriers for additional security offer reliable protection against leakage for an active lifestyle and confidence, no matter the situation. Enjoy super security for your daily life with TENA Pants Super.

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TENA Pants Maxi
TENA Pants Maxi are designed for heavy bladder weakness that protects you with all the comfort that only TENA can provide. TENA Pants Maxi have a core with maximum absorbency that quickly and effectively locks in liquid for total security. Maximum protection, maximum confidence.

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TENA Men for discreet protection
1 in 4 men** experience urine leakage including drips and dribbles.  That’s why TENA is trusted by millions of men worldwide for being 100% discreet and 100% secure.

• 100% discreet with a thin and light design
• Comfortable shape engineered for a man’s body
• Unique odour control system helps prevent unwanted smells
• Fits securely and discreetly in your own underwear

Available in a range of:
• Shields and pads for light to moderate bladder weakness
• Underwear for heavier bladder weakness

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TENA frequently asked questions

  • I thought a weak bladder only affected older people?

    A weak bladder is very common in people of all ages,* it’s nothing to be ashamed of. We’re here to help you live your life how you want to with a range of incontinence products.

    Did you know one in three women over 35 experience involuntary urine leakage?*** Pregnancy, childbirth and menopause are contributing factors, diet and lifestyle can also play a role in bladder weakness.****

  • What can I do about my bladder weakness?

    Firstly, we suggest talking with a pharmacist or your doctor to find out the reason behind your bladder weakness.

    We also recommend pelvic floor exercises. Also known as Kegel exercises, they’re a really effective way to prevent, reduce and get rid of leaks for most women.

    The key is consistency and training your pelvic floor daily if you can. With pelvic floor training, it usually takes around three months***** to see any changes.

  • Will Kegel or pelvic floor exercises actually help improve my bladder weakness?

    Generally, if you exercise your pelvic floor daily, you should usually see a little improvement after three months.***** If you don’t see any improvement, or are unsure of what you’re doing, please speak to our pharmacist, your doctor or specialist physiotherapist.

  • How does the bladder work?

    When you eat or drink, your body absorbs liquid. Your kidneys then filter out the waste products and make urine which passes into the bladder in a continuous trickle.

    Once the bladder is full, it signals to your brain that you need to go to the toilet. When you’re at the toilet and you make the decision to empty your bladder, your brain then signals the bladder to contract and pelvic floor muscles to relax and let the urine pass.

  • Can I just use my sanitary pads?

    While they might look similar, you shouldn’t use sanitary towels for incontinence. TENA products are specifically designed to rapidly absorb urine which is thinner and comes out in larger quantities than menstrual discharge. They’re also designed to protect you against the odour created when the bacteria in urine breaks down.

  • How do I dispose of my TENA pads?

    We recommend disposing of TENA products in the bin or, where available, a sanitary towel disposal unit. Do not dispose of them in the toilet. With most TENA women products, you can use the plastic wrapping from your new pad to dispose of the old one.


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