We’re here for all things sexual health from STI testing, to contraception, consent, the menopause and more.

What is sexual health?

Both mental and physical, sexual health refers to your wellbeing when it comes to your sexuality and sexual experiences. You may think that sexual health is just STI testing and contraceptive options, but it also encompasses your emotions and comfort around sex. It’s as important as the other aspects of your health, helping to support your physical and emotional happiness.

Discover our sexual health product range that can help to make having sex more comfortable with a variety of lubricants and safer with condoms. There are also pregnancy tests, so you know whether you’re pregnant even before you miss a period, as well as fertility lubricant to help couples trying to conceive. Shop our pharmacy both online and on your local high street for all your sexual health needs.

Sexual health advice

With advice on women’s and men’s sexual health, we want to be your centre for sexual health. We answer your frequently asked questions and queries from sexual health clinics to home testing, erectile dysfunction and emergency contraception. While offering sexual health services both online and at your local pharmacy, including the morning after pill and STI treatments. We have exactly what you need to feel clued up on your sexual health.

Sexual health clinic

Just like your GP surgery or local pharmacy, a sexual health clinic is the place to go for information and advice. As well as a safe space for you to ask questions and talk about what is happening with your sexual health. It’s a place for you to discover the right contraception for both men and women or have a confidential STI test if you need it. The nurse or healthcare professional will be able to offer advice on all things sex and relationships to help give you the peace of mind and information you need to enjoy sex.

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