Number one recommended brand by cardiologists.*

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Global No.1 brand in blood pressure monitors as well as nebulizers.**

No1 recommended brand by cardiologists*

The number 1 recommended brand* by cardiologists for home blood pressure monitors.

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The OMRON connect app automatically stores your heart health data in one place, so that you can monitor your progress.

Clinically validated

Clinically validated accuracy under vigorous testing procedures by major health organisations.

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As a global leader in the field of clinically proven, innovative medical equipment for health monitoring and therapy, we believe that a healthier world comes with zero cerebrovascular and cardiovascular events. OMRON create accurate products that seamlessly fit your lifestyle. Each machine has been carefully designed to help you prevent, treat, and manage your health condition from the comfort of your own home.

Giving you more quality of life, so you can do more of the things you love. From blood pressure monitors to nebulisers, low-frequency pain therapy equipment, body composition monitors and electronic thermometers, OMRON continue to develop their products and solutions to help you live a fuller life without restraints.

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OMRON frequently asked questions

  • Who can use an OMRON blood pressure monitor?

    If you’ve been recommended by your doctor to monitor your blood pressure at home, have an underlying health condition or simply want to stay on top of your health then an OMRON blood monitor is right for you. They’re ideal to use at home to take repeated measurements, and you can share these with your doctor later on. However, make sure to read the ‘suitable for’ and ‘warning’ section on each product page to ensure that the model is suitable. If you are pregnant or live with diabetes, OMRON has a range of blood pressure monitors that are suitable for you.

  • How do I compare the readings on my blood pressure monitor with my doctor's readings?

    When using your unit at home your readings may be lower due to a more relaxed environment. If you want to compare home measurement readings to those taken with the device used by your healthcare professional, then you can use the OMRON blood pressure monitor to take the first measurement followed by the unit used in the healthcare professional office. It’s necessary to use the digital unit first because of the different methods used in the devices.

    The Omron blood pressure monitor measures the movement of blood through your arteries and converts this into a digital reading (Oscillometric method). A doctor typically uses a stethoscope (to listen to the sounds in the artery) and a gauge for the pressure reading (Auscultation method). The artery is constricted during the measurement so it’s important to wait a few minutes between measurements to allow the artery to recover.

    Please bear in mind that blood pressure is constantly fluctuating therefore a small difference can be expected in the readings between the OMRON blood pressure monitor and the doctor’s unit.

  • Which type of OMRON blood pressure monitor should I purchase?

    Before purchasing your home blood pressure monitor ensure your satisfaction by selecting the right monitor for you.

    The digital ""manual"" inflation upper arm monitors are the most affordable among the digital blood pressure monitors. This type of monitor requires the user to squeeze the inflation bulb to fill the cuff with air until you reach your correct inflation level. The cuff deflates automatically and your measurements appear on a clear digital display. If you have arthritis or any weakness in the hands you may find it difficult to inflate the cuff.

    For greater convenience choose an ""automatic"" inflation blood pressure monitor (most upper arm and all wrist models). This type of monitor inflates at the touch of a button. In seconds your blood pressure and pulse are displayed. OMRON ""automatic"" inflation blood pressure monitors have a wide variety of features that include models with printers, memory functions, high-speed measurement, and compact design. IntelliSense Technology offers the advantage of personalised inflation.

    Wrist blood pressure monitors give you the portability of a watch-style blood pressure monitor. Considering what type of monitor meets your needs is an important decision. You may wish to consult with your healthcare professional regarding what type of monitor is best for you. We recommend those persons with severe hypertension or diabetes or arteriosclerosis to consult their healthcare professional prior to measuring blood pressure at the wrist.

  • Which OMRON device is right for me?

    This will depend upon your individual needs and whether you want to monitor your condition or alleviate symptoms. If you’re looking for a blood pressure monitor to use at home, then you’ll want to consider how many people will use it and then ensure that you choose a device with multi-user functionality and memory. Or perhaps you want to track your readings and health data all in one place on your phone, then look out for a monitor that is connectable to the OMRON connect app.

    Use the comparison table below to find the best OMRON device for you


    EVOLV M7 Intelli IT M6 Comfort M4 Intelli IT M3 Comfort M3 M2
    Clinically validated Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
    IntelliWrap cuff Y Y Y Y Y N N
    Automatically updates to smartphone Y Y N Y N N N
    AFib detection N Y Y N N N N
    Triple measurement for accurate readings N Y Y N N N N
    Comparison mode In app In app & dual screen Dual screen In app N N N
    Cuff wrap guide Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
    Irregular heartbeat detection Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
    Body movement detection Y Y Y Y Y Y N
    Pregnancy validation Y Y Y Y Y N N
    Diabetes validation N Y Y Y Y N N
    Memory capacity 1 user + 100 memory 2 users + 100 memory 2 users + 100 memory 2 users + 60 memory 2 users + 60 memory 2 users + 60 memory 1 user + 30 memory
    Storage bag included N Y Y Y Y Y Y


  • What is the OMRON app?

    The OMRON connect app makes it easy for you to manage your health in combination with your OMRON medical device. The application (app) allows you to view, track and have your data in one easily accessible place – your smartphone. The app uses BlueTooth to wirelessly connect and transfer your measurements and recordings from your blood pressure monitor, or other OMRON product, to your phone. Within the app dashboard you can view your progress and past measurements.

  • Are OMRON products clinically validated?

    Yes, OMRON products have been tested for accuracy to meet clinical guidelines, requirements and standards by independent doctors. These requirements have been created by international organisations including; British Hypertension Society (BHS), European Society for Hypertension (ESH), and International Protocol (IP). Clinically validated is different to clinically tested. Clinically tested means that it the product has not been tested against standards or regulations, simply that it has been used in a clinic or trial environment.

  • What is the accuracy of OMRON blood pressure monitors?

    All OMRON blood pressure monitors must meet stringent specifications for accuracy.

    • Pressure: +/- 3 mm Hg (millimetres of Mercury)
    • Pulse: +/- 5% of display reading.

    These values meet or exceed the provisions of EC directive 93/42/EEC (Medical Device Directive), and the European Standard EN1060, non-invasive sphygmomanometers Part 1: General Requirements and Part 3: Supplementary requirements for electromechanical blood pressure measuring systems.


*For home blood pressure monitors in Europe (EU9) Kantar Health, survey with cardiologists (2019) 
**Global Home Appliance Market Comprehensive Survey 2016 Fuji Keizai Co.