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Diabetes test

Simple lifestyle changes can make a big difference when you are living with diabetes. That’s why both online and in-store we have a wealth of advice to help you live a healthy lifestyle and manage your diabetes successfully. We also offer an in-store test for type 2 diabetes which can help assess your risk of developing the condition as well as steps you can take to look after your health.

Symptoms of diabetes

Do you know the first signs of diabetes? If you don’t, don’t worry we have expert advice to help you learn the symptoms of type 2 diabetes. The signs of diabetes can include being more thirsty than usual and extreme tiredness, but there are more that you can learn about in our expert guide. Many diabetes symptoms go unnoticed for a long time, and it could be that you are prediabetic without knowing it. The more you know about diabetes and what to look out for the easier it is to make lifestyle changes. Just remember we’re here to help you.

Causes of diabetes

You may be wondering how do you get diabetes and what causes diabetes? Read our expert guides to discover the main causes of type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. We explain the reasons why you may develop the condition as well how you can manage your existing diabetes. You’ll find that the causes of diabetes vary and differ depending on the type of diabetes you have or may be at risk of developing.

Diabetes advice

We have everything you need to manage your diabetes including food guides to help you enjoy a varied and balanced diet. Find out which foods can support your body’s functions as well as important nutrients, vitamins and minerals. We have meal plans and tips to help keep hypers and hypos at bay.

Our diabetes advice also includes exercise tips so you can enjoy moving your body, find time to fit exercise around your day, and fitness apps. Why not follow our simple work out videos from home? If you live with diabetes, you’ll know how important footcare is, but did you know that sleep is also key? We’ve got diabetes information to help you look after your health.

Diabetes products

We have products online and in your local pharmacy that can help you to manage your diabetes. From blood glucose monitors to energy tablets, our range can help you to stay on top of your diabetes. Monitoring your diabetes can be easy with products that link with your phone, or simple devices that give blood glucose readings in seconds. An essential device to for anyone, especially if you live with diabetes is a blood pressure monitor. Allowing you take daily readings at home that you can later share with your healthcare professional.


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