Introducing the Women’s Health Campaign


We’re here to help every woman feel empowered and take care of their health with our new women's health campaign

Health tips for women

Women’s health can mean something different to each of us, we’re not all the same, which is to be celebrated. There may be an aspect of your health that you want to know more about to help you solve a current issue or feel prepared for things to come. You may be wondering about the menopause and how these changes may affect you, or perhaps you’d like to have a baby and want to track your ovulation. Perhaps you want to explore other contraceptives to see if there’s a better option or find a way to relieve period symptoms.

Whatever you want to learn more about we can help with female health tips, advice and support as unique as you are. Our top health tips for every woman include finding ways to reduce your stress levels, get more sleep, enjoy a balanced variety of foods and find a way to move your body that feels good for you.

Women’s health products

It’s our mission to offer products to support a lifetime of wellness for every woman no matter her age, ethnicity, sexuality, size or anything else. We’re here for all women to help each of you look after your health and feel your best. You might be looking for a new shampoo to help with hair regrowth or a menstrual cup for an environmentally conscious period. Explore our range of sexual wellbeing products, vitamins, toiletries, feminine hygiene and much more to find your perfect match, whatever your goals. We’ve got everything you need.

The more in tune you are with your body the easier it’ll be to spot any changes or notice when something isn’t right. You’ll also know what does and doesn’t work for you, whether it’s a certain BV treatment, sanitary product or a method of contraception. We’re all unique, what works for one woman may not work for you and that’s okay. We’re always here to help with women’s health, we have treatments and products if you need them, as well as advice and support.