Why Choose Ultra Chloraseptic?

Find out why Ultra Chloraseptic sprays are a great choice when you are experiencing a sore throat.

Numbs sore throats

Ultra Chloraseptic numbs sore throats in seconds day or night.

Britains No.1*

Ultra Chloraseptic is Britain’s No.1 selling medicated anaesthetic sore throat spray.*

Targets pain

Ultra Chloraseptic Sore Throat Spray directly targets the source of pain.

100+ sprays

Ultra Chloraseptic contains 100+ sprays per pack.

How to use Ultra Chloraseptic Sore Throat Spray?

Use these four easy steps to help numb your sore throat pain in seconds.

Step One

Remove the cap from the bottle, and rotate the spray head around by half a circle so that the nozzle extends beyond the bottle.

Step Two

If this is a new bottle, or you have not used for a while, activate the pump by spraying 3 times away from your face into a wash basin.

Step Three

Hold the bottle with your index (first) finger on the pump. Open your mouth and point the nozzle towards the back of your throat.

Step Four

The nozzle should be just inside your mouth. Hold your breath and then press the pump to spray. Do not exceed the stated dosage.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is Ultra Chloraseptic and how does it work?

    Ultra Chloraseptic Sore Throat Spray contains a local anaesthetic called Benzocaine. When sprayed on the back of the throat(where it feels scratchy, painful or uncomfortable to swallow) it numbs the area it is applied to, providing fast, targeted relief where it is needed. 

  • Who can use Ultra Chloraseptic?

    Ultra Chloraseptic Anaesthetic Throat Spray is suitable for adults and children over 6 years.

  • How many times can I use Ultra Chloraseptic?

    Adults and children over 13 years of age should administer 3 sprays of Ultra Chloraseptic to the back of the throat. Children aged 6 to 12 years need only one spray and should only use the spray under adult supervision. Repeat every 2-3 hours up to a maximum of 8 doses per day. Do not exceed the stated dose.

  • What flavours of Ultra Chloraseptic are available?

    Ultra Chloraseptic comes in four flavours; Original Menthol, Blackcurrant, Honey & Lemon and Cherry.

  • What causes a sore throat?

    There are many possible causes of sore throats, including bacterial and viral infections. Some infections can last longer and have more severe symptoms than others. Colds and flu are viral infections that can be associated with a sore throat.


* 52 w/e 26th Mar 22, unit sales, total coverage – source Nielsen. To verify email: customerservicesdepartment@ceutahealthcare.com.
Suitable for adults and children over six years. Adults and children 13 years and over: 3 sprays to the back of the throat. Children 6-12 years: Use only under adult supervision. Administer 1 spray to the back of the throat. Repeat every 2-3 hours up to a maximum of 8 doses per day. Do not exceed the stated dose. Always read the label. Contains Benzocaine. Ultra Chloraseptic Anaesthetic Throat Spray. Oromucosal spray containing benzocaine 0.71% w/v. Indications: For the symptomatic relief of sore throat pain. Legal category: GSL. Information about these products, including adverse reactions, precautions, contraindications and method of use can be found at here. Full prescribing information is available from: Prestige Brands (UK) Ltd 5-7 London Road St. Albans AL1 1LA. Adverse events should be reported. Reporting forms and information can be found at www.mhra.gov.uk/yellowcard. Adverse events should also be reported to Prestige Brands (UK) Ltd.