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What causes pain?

We all experience pain differently, so it’s not always easy to work out where it comes from. But whether you’re living with back or joint pain, or are experiencing regular headaches or migraines, understanding the causes of pain can help you to determine the best solutions for you.

If you can identify what causes or increases your pain, you might be able to avoid or minimise the contact with these triggers. For example, the cold weather can affect joints, causing them to become more painful, keeping yourself moving and warm can help to alleviate the weather’s affects.

We have pain relief tailored to you

Did you know that 50% of people living with pain try to ignore it?* Whatever your pain symptoms, we’re here to help online and in store to find the best treatment for you. From drug free options and topical gels to Pharmacy only medication, explore the latest pain management products in our range to create a personalised plan.

We’ve also created specialist pain relief advice to help you with any discomfort; whether you’re experiencing headaches for the first time or living with a long-term condition.

Pain management products

Are you looking for pain treatment and pain relief? We have a wide range of pain targeting products to help make your pain more manageable, so you get back to doing what you love. Both online and in store you can buy medication over the counter which means you don’t need a prescription, but it’s still important to talk to your Pharmacist about which treatment will be best for you. Painkillers, like paracetamol, are often used to treat mild to moderate pain. If your pain is accompanied by swelling, you may wish to consider taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen.

You may have heard your pharmacist, doctor or friends talk about pharmacy strength medication (P-med). These medications are the strongest pain relief that you can buy from your pharmacy without the need for a prescription. P-meds tend to contain a higher strength, or they come in a larger pack size. You might need something stronger for your pain if you’ve tried some over the counter medicines or drug-free treatments and they aren’t working for you.

Why not explore drug-free alternatives that you can be used alongside your medication to help ease pain and discomfort. A TENS machine is a great option if you’re looking for drug-free way of relieving your pain, or as a remedy that you can use alongside medication. Or Flexiseq, a pain relief gel that helps ease joint pain and stiffness. The drug-free gel is especially helpful for those who live with osteoarthritis.


*Survey of 2,000 respondents. February 2019. Commissioned by LloydsPharmacy, conducted by 3Gem.