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All you need to know about turmeric as a health trend

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Turmeric is one of the latest health trends that everyone is talking about, but it’s not just a neglected spice anymore. From teas and lattes to powder and supplements, you can get it in many forms.

But, what is it? Should you be taking it? We’ve gathered all you need to know.

What is turmeric?

It is a tall plant that grows in Asia and Central America, it is a sometimes called Indian saffron or the golden spice. In its raw form it looks like ginger, but when it’s processed and ground it becomes bright yellow. It’s often used in curries or curry powder but has also been used as a dye in many cultures.

Turmeric vs curcumin

As well as turmeric being a health trend, you might have heard of curcumin as well. Despite what is sounds like, they aren’t separate. Curcumin is actually the key chemical ingredient found in turmeric.

Does turmeric have health benefits?

Turmeric has been in the news recently not for its aromatic flavour and addition to curries but for its health benefits. But what are they?

There are some studies into it that suggest it has anti-inflammatory properties, with a study showing it was more effective at preventing joint inflammation than reducing it.

Alongside this, there are studies currently in how it can help with digestive health. They are looking how it may help with gut inflammation and conditions such as IBS.

How to include it in your diet?

It is a very versatile spice that you can add to your diet in many ways. You can use it in:

  • Curries to add a hot and peppery flavour, as well as the distinctive colour
  • In a rub for a barbecue
  • You can even try it in a salad dressing or marinade

Where can you buy turmeric tablets?

You can get Nutri Within Tumeric capsules online or at your local LloydsPharmacy. There's 365 capsules in each bottle, so you have a supply for the whole year for just £11.99. It's produced in the UK using the highest quality of turmeric powder you can find. Plus, it's free from milk, lactose, soya, gluten and wheat.

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What dosage should you be taking?


Nutri Within Turmeric capsules

Nutri Within Turmeric capsules are 500mg and twice the strength of most other tablets and supplements available, which means you only need one easy to swallow capsule per day.

Visit your local LloydsPharmacy and speak to our pharmacist if you are taking any other medication or supplements.

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