Quitting smoking is one of the most incredible things you can do. But it’s also one of the most challenging. That’s why Nicorette® offers a range of products, information, and advice to give you the support and motivation you need to maintain your quit momentum.


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Nicorette frequently asked questions

  • How can Nicorette help me stop smoking?

    Nicorette is a brand of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) which is clinically proven to help you quit smoking for good. Providing a safer alternative to smoking through offering various formats to help assist you on your quitting journey.

  • What might I experience when quitting?

    • Your health may begin to improve in a matter of hours. Did you know that after 20 minutes your pulse rate may return to normal.
    • You may experience withdrawal symptoms, however these symptoms differ between smokers and can involve physical, emotional and mental symptoms
    • You may save money.
    • You may end up having a cigarette, but if you do it is important to remain positive.To find out more on how to get back on track if you relapse here.
  • What if I need more support than just a product?

    Nicorette have developed a free stop smoking app designed to help increase your chances of quitting through the use of behavioural support. The app is personalised to your user profile so you can shape your personalised plan based on how you want to quit smoking. This means that you can track cigarette usage overtime with or without the help of NRT. The app was developed with behavioural scientists and includes lots of support content.

    Download the app here



    When you give up smoking you may find that you need support from friends, family and your local pharmacy. We offer a Stop Smoking Service in our stores, simply visit your local LloydsPharmacy to find out more.

  • Do you have any tips to help me quit smoking?

    We’re always here to support you that’s why we’ve chosen our top three tips to help you stop smoking for good.

    1. Stay positive: whenever you feel the urge to smoke think about something that makes you feel positive, such as a favourite person or place.
    2. Avoid temptation: remove or avoid any triggers that may make you want to smoke, e.g. drinking alcohol or coffee.
    3. Reward yourself: treat yourself with the money you are saving by not smoking.
  • Does nicotine cause the diseases related to smoking?

    Cigarettes are a well-known cause of cancer, chronic lung disease, heart disease, and other disorders. It is the many toxins in cigarette smoke, rather than the nicotine content, that is responsible for the majority of the harmful effects.


*vs willpower alone

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