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Pink frequently asked questions

  • Who are Pink?

    Proudly made by women for women – we are Pink. We’re a purpose-driven wellness and health brand committed to developing and delivering the highest-quality, innovative vitamins and supplements for women around the world.

  • What does non-GMO mean?

    GMO stands for genetically modified organism. By stating that all our products are non-GMO, we are guaranteeing that any ingredients in our products do not come from a genetically modified source.

  • Are Pink products gluten free?

    Yes, the entire Pink range is free of any ingredients containing gluten.

  • Are Pink products nut free?

    Yes, the entire Pink range is free of peanuts and tree nuts.

  • Are Pink products vegan?

    Currently, over half of the Pink range is suitable for vegetarians, with four of our products being entirely vegan. These are: Pink Biotin Gummies, Pink B12 Get Up & Go, Pink Calm Caps and Pink Cranberry.

  • Are Pink products suitable for teenagers?

    Food supplements are not intended for use by persons under the age of 18 years. Please check with your doctor if you are unsure.

  • Can men use Pink products?

    While our products are developed with women’s needs in mind, there is no reason why men can’t enjoy Pink too! We recommend trying Pink B12 Get Up & Go.

  • What do Pink Gummies taste like?

    Pink Gummies are made without artificial flavours, and they taste pretty good, if we say so ourselves. Available in natural strawberry, mixed berry or natural fruit flavours.

  • Can I take Gummies instead of regular vitamin tablets or supplement capsules?

    Of course! Gummies make a great alternative to regular tablets or capsules, mainly because they can be chewed instead of swallowed. If you are unable to (or dislike) swallowing pills, then give Pink Gummies a try.

  • How do I use Pink Collagen Powder?

    Pink Collagen Powder is unflavoured and can be mixed into any food or drink. We recommend adding to your daily smoothie or protein shake for ultimate ease.