What is a one-off NHS and private prescription?

These are prescriptions which are not regularly prescribed to you by your GP. A one-off NHS or private prescription is usually for a medication that you may take temporarily, such as antibiotics or pain relief.

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If you have been issued a private or NHS prescription from your doctor or prescribing healthcare professional, we can dispense your medication.

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One-off prescription frequently asked questions

  • What is a paper prescription?

    When your GP gives you a prescription, they’ll often give you a paper copy which you can take to your local pharmacy to dispense your medication. The paper prescription will need to be signed by your GP in order for us to dispense your medication.

    If you’ve opted for electronic prescriptions your prescription will be sent by your GP, to your chosen pharmacy. You won’t need to hand in a paper prescription.

  • How do I get an electronic prescription?

    To get an electronic prescription you’ll need to be prescribed medication or treatment from your GP, you’ll also need to nominate a pharmacy to dispense your medication. Your GP will then send your prescription electronically to your nominated pharmacy, which could be your local LloydsPharmacy. Once we have your electronic prescription, we’ll be able to dispense your medication, simply visit your nominated LloydsPharmacy to collect your medicines.

  • Can someone else pick up my prescription?

    Yes, a family member, friend, carer or anyone you choose can pick up an electronic or paper prescription on your behalf. Please bear in mind that young children collecting medication will be at the discretion of a pharmacist.

    If you need an electronic prescription collecting, then let the pharmacy know who will be picking up your prescription. This means they can ensure that your prescription medication is given to the right person. If you’re collecting controlled medicines, the pharmacist may ask for proof of identity.

    If you would like someone else to pick up a prescription from your local pharmacy using a paper prescription, you’ll need to:

    • Let your GP surgery know in advance who is picking up your paper prescription for you, they may be asked to confirm your name and address
    • Collect the paper prescription from your GP
    • Make sure to complete the back of the prescription
    • Take your paper prescription to your local pharmacy, LloydsPharmacy or dispenser to have your medication dispensed
  • Can you pick up a prescription for someone else?

    Yes, it’s generally easier to pick up a prescription for someone else that has been electronically sent by your GP to your chosen pharmacy. The person who the prescription is for will need to let their pharmacy know who will be collecting their prescription. You may be asked to confirm your identity, as well as the name and address of the person the prescription is for.

  • Can you dispense drugs or medication that needs to be stored in a fridge?

    If your one-off prescription is a controlled drug or fridge line please speak to a member of your local pharmacy team.

  • What is a private prescription?

    These are prescriptions that are issued following a private consultation with a doctor to treat a particular medical condition. If the doctor issues a prescription you can request for the medicines to be dispensed by us by visiting your local LloydsPharmacy.

  • Can I get a private prescription online?

    If you need a private prescription you can visit our Online Doctor for a quick and easy consultation. We can offer treatments and same day prescriptions, simply complete an online questionnaire.

  • How much is a private prescription?

    When collecting a private prescription in your local pharmacy there are charges which apply. Please be aware that the price for each private prescription item is unique and therefore has its own cost. The charge applied to private medicines varies depending on the type of medicine. Our pharmacy team will be able to share this with you when you visit your local pharmacy with your prescription.

    The minimum cost of a private prescription dispensed at a LloydsPharmacy is £9.35. Find out more about private prescription cost here.

  • How much is an NHS prescription?

    In England the standard NHS prescription cost is £9.35 per item. You can find out more about prescription costs in our guide.

  • How long does a private prescription last?

    Your private prescription is valid for 6 months from the date on your paper prescription. This also applies to NHS prescriptions, but the validation date will be different if you are prescribed controlled drugs, for example certain controlled drugs are valid for 28 days.

  • What are the private prescription legal requirements?

    Your private prescription should be written in ink and be easily read (legible). To be valid they also must be signed with ink, however other details can be printed. Legally the private prescription requires the date of the prescription issue, the name and address of the person who the prescription is for, the address of the prescription prescriber and their professional status and qualifications (e.g. doctor, pharmacist etc.). The age of the patient is also required if they are under 12 years old.

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