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Why is it important to stop smoking?

We all know how harmful smoking can be for your body and those around you, but sometimes quitting can seem impossible. But, one of the best things you can do for your health is to quit smoking. Your health can improve in a matter of minutes, see our stop smoking timeline for more details.  

If you need another reason, then we have a few! How about living longer, saving money or looking better? Perhaps you want to have a baby, or you want to manage a health condition, such as asthma. Whatever your reason, we can help you to stop smoking.   

How hard it is to quit smoking?

If you’ve tried to stop smoking before you know how hard it can be, that’s why it’s important to reach out for support. Ask friends and family to keep you on track, and don’t forget our Stop Smoking Service. Our in-store service is here to help you reach your goal and quit for good.  

We can help you make a plan to quit smoking and find the best products to support your journey. Knowing your triggers, whether it’s stress or drinking coffee can help you to stay on track. We can help you manage these and have the willpower to say no when you’re offered a cigarette. We know how hard quitting smoking, especially day three, so lean on us. We’re here to support you every step of the way. 

Is quitting smoking worth it?

Yes! Even if you’ve smoked for 20 years, whenever you decide to quit, you’ll improve your health. After 20 minutes of stopping smoking your blood pressure will go down. There’s also the financial and wellbeing benefits stop smoking brings, from mental health to your skin. Stopping smoking may be hard to do but it’s so worthwhile for you and those around you.  

Is it bad to quit cold turkey when smoking?

You should be feeling proud that you’ve decided to quit smoking, and how you do it is completely up to you. Many people like to use nicotine replacement therapy, such as nicotine gum or patches to help ease cravings. But you can stop smoking completely (go cold turkey) without using stop smoking aids. This method requires willpower alone to help you ditch the habit. You’ll need to be aware of withdrawal symptoms including restlessness and irritability, as well as nicotine cravings. These can be overwhelming for many smokers, that why we have our Stop Smoking Service, so you don’t have to go it alone.  

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What is the best way to quit smoking?

Get ready for quit day – having a stop smoking plan is the best way to give up. How you quit smoking is as individual as you are, so to fully prepare read advice about stop smoking methods and products. Talk to friends and family, let them know you plan to quit and ask them to support you. Find local support groups or online communities and make a list of reasons to quit. Our stop smoking clinic at Online Doctor offers prescription medication, including Champix to help you stop smoking. And remember, we’re always here to help in your local pharmacy.  

Do stop smoking aids really work?

Stop smoking products can support you in your journey to becoming smoke free. The NHS states that nicotine replacement therapy (nicotine, gum patches and inhalators) can double your chances of success. They can help fight cravings with steady nicotine release while fitting into your daily routine. Find the ideal stop smoking product to help you with our stop smoking tool – start your journey today.