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10 ways to stay entertained at home

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Whether you're self-isolating or just staying at home more, here’s our top 10 suggestions to help you stay entertained.

Take part in a home workout class

Keeping active is an important part of our mental and physical health. While you might not be able to follow your usual routines, there are plenty of ways to stay active. There are many home workout classes online, on YouTube or live on Facebook or Instagram.

Have a movie night with those in your house or virtually

There are many streaming services out there, full of films you might have been meaning to watch for a while. Why not have a movie night with the family or friends you live with? Want to watch your favourite movie with your friends online? You could try netflixparty which lets you watch and chat at the same time.

Take the time to read or listen to an audiobook

Many of us have a pile of books we’ve been meaning to read or audiobooks we’re wanting to listen to, but never had the time. Now that you may be at home more than used to, now’s the perfect time to give them a shot. Or, you could revisit your old favourites to remember why you liked them so much.

Give colouring a shot

Colouring books are common for kids, but there has been a rise in adult colouring books in the last couple of years. You might find focusing on the colouring helps relax you and pass plenty of time.

Train your brain

Whether you’ve got a jigsaw lying around that you’ve been meaning to do or a book of puzzles, you could take some time out of the day to sit and keep your brain active. A jigsaw is also a great activity for the whole family.

Try a new recipe or two

Whether you’re into baking or cooking, why not take the time to try out a new recipe or two. You might even find some new family favourites. Check out BBC good food for some inspiration, you could try an adventurous dish for a night or even making your favourite takeaway at home instead

Video chat with friends and family

Keeping in touch with friends and family isn’t just a great way to keep yourself entertained, but also a boost for your mental health too. There are plenty of ways to video chat your friends online, you could even organise a games night or a quiz.

Take time to take care of yourself

Have you got a face mask you’ve been meaning to do, or a new skin routine you’ve been wanting to try? Now’s the perfect time to treat your skin. There are plenty of DIY recipes online if you want to try your hand at making your own.

Try meditation or mindfulness

If the current situation is making your feel stressed or anxious, you might find meditation or mindfulness helpful. 

Learn something new

If there’s a hobby you’ve been meaning to try or a language you’ve been meaning to learn, now’s the perfect time. There’s plenty of help online for everything from embroidery or knitting, painting or DIY. Try Pinterest for some inspiration.

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