Top three techniques for stress relief

Rosie Hurr @ 2021-02-01 11:50:39 +0000
We’re all living in what might be stressful times. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by stress, here are three techniques you could try for stress relief.

Double masking - Are two face masks better than one?

Rosie Hurr @ 2021-03-03 09:16:45 +0000
Should you be wearing two face masks? Find out if double masking is more effective against COVID-19 and how to properly double mask here.

What is maskitis?

Rosie Hurr @ 2021-02-26 08:58:00 +0000
Have you been getting rashes or dry skin since wearing a face mask? We can help you avoid 'maskitis' caused by wearing a face covering.

10 ways to stay entertained at home

Rosie Hurr @ 2021-01-25 13:23:48 +0000

We’re all spending more time at home recently, which might lead you to feel restless and bored. Here's our suggestions to help you stay entertained at home.

Pulse oximeters and how to use them

Emma Devane @ 2021-01-27 13:25:19 +0000
You may have read in the news that having a pulse oximeter at home is beneficial. We’ve looked at why, when and how you would use a finger oximeter.
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