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Which no added sugar chocolate is the best?

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When you’re living with diabetes, or just trying to cut down your sugar, you might be considering diabetic chocolate, or sugar-free chocolate as an alternative treat.

But, with all the options out there you might not be sure which one to try. We gathered together 10 willing participants to blind test 4 no added sugar chocolates to determine which one is the winner.

In the test were:

  • Sainsbury’s No Added Sugar Dark Chocolate
  • Sainsbury’s No Added Sugar Milk Chocolate
  • Chocologic No Added Sugar Belgian Milk Chocolate
  • Chocologic No Added Sugar Belgian Dark Chocolate.

The results

Sainsbury’s No Added Sugar Dark Chocolate

Taste out of 10: 6 Texture out of 10: 7

An overall above average result, our participants thought that the chocolate had a creamy texture, which tastes very similar to normal dark chocolate. But it did have a bitter taste.

Sainsbury’s No Added Sugar Milk Chocolate

Taste out of 10: 7 Texture out of 10: 8

Impressive scores for both taste and texture, this chocolate had a soft, smooth and creamy texture which was enjoyable.

Chocologic No Added Sugar Belgian Milk Chocolate

Taste out of 10: 5 Texture out of 10: 5

Only average scores for Chocologic No Added Sugar Belgian Milk Chocolate, one of the participants said it tasted a bit like a Kinder egg, another added it tasted like cheap chocolate and one said it tasted like advent calendar chocolate.

Chocologic No Added Sugar Belgian Dark Chocolate

Taste out of 10: 6 Texture out of 10: 7

The same results as the Sainsbury’s No Added Sugar Dark Chocolate, this chocolate scored above average for taste and texture. It was also a very divisive chocolate for the participants, one said there was no bitter taste left over and had a nice smooth texture, where as another said it tasted cheap and wasn’t smooth.

Which no added sugar chocolate was the winner?

The overall favourite, for taste, texture and everyone’s general preference was Sainsbury’s No Added Sugar milk chocolate. With one participant said it was the best diabetic milk chocolate they had tasted, it’s no surprise this was the winner.

Do I have to eat diabetic chocolate?

hen you’re living with diabetes one of the most important things is to eat healthily, and have a balanced diet as well as managing your blood glucose levels. One way to do that is to eat everything, but in moderation. You don’t necessarily have to cut out chocolate, or eat diabetic or no added sugar chocolate. It’s down to your personal preference.

If you do want to treat yourself to a little chocolate, why not try:

  1. Eating it slowly, mindfully and without any distractions.
  2. Letting the chocolate melt in your mouth so you can enjoy the taste and texture. You can even store you chocolate bar in the fridge so it will take longer to melt.
  3. Deciding how much you’re going to have before you start eating, then put the rest of the bar away and out of reach. This can help you stop eating more than you intended.
  4. Saving your favourite chocolate treat until after a meal, when you will be naturally less hungry and therefore eat less.
  5. If you fancy the taste of chocolate, but are willing to try something else you could try a lower-fat chocolate alternative such as a lower-fat chocolate mousse or a low-calories instant hot chocolate.

Watch-outs with diabetic chocolate

If you do choose to eat no added sugar, or diabetic chocolate, there are a few things to watch out for.

  • The chocolate will usually contain a type of sweetener, such as fructose or sorbitol, which can still affect your blood sugar levels.
  • It tends to contain just as much fat as other chocolate, and the same types of fat
  • It’s usually the same amount of calories as any other chocolate
  • It can have a laxative affect
  • It can be more expensive

If you’re ever unsure about your diet, visit your local LloydsPharmacy and talk to one of our health care team. They can give you advice on how to manage what you’re eating, as well as exercises you could try and talk to you about any medication you might be taking.