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Real life experiences of the Medicated Weight Loss service

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The LloydsPharmacy Medicated Weight Loss Service is designed to achieve a sustained and healthy weight loss. We've met two women who have taken part in the service and they’ve shared their experiences and results with us. 

What is the weight loss service?

The weight loss service includes a daily injection, used alongside a calorie-controlled diet, increased exercise and the ongoing advice and support that the service provides.  


Chloe is a musician aged 25 and hails from Bath. She loves to pound the pavements; exploring the city of Bath during her runs. She also works out and loves to pole dance. But, this wasn’t always the case. During the first lockdown Chloe tried to run but had to give up due to her knees aching too much, she was 18 stone and admits that she struggled to walk far.

She says she’d always had a weight problem from childhood and had done many diets but found them hard to stick to due to the restrictions they imposed. She’d find she’d get hungry on a diet and then binge. Her crunch point last year was due to sciatic pain in her back and knees. She had had a bath and felt in too much pain to get out. It was at this point Chloe realised she needed to do something.

Chloe was introduced to the LloydsPharmacy Medicated Weight Loss Service while shopping in her local Sainsburys supermarket. She spotted a poster and researched the service when she got home. Chloe appreciated that with the Medicated Weight Loss Service she didn’t have to cut out food groups, “If I want some chocolate, I can have some chocolate- but I won’t eat insane amounts. A little bit is enough now...I get a third of what I used to and sometimes even have leftover food- before I’d force myself to finish even if I felt sick” This is because the prescription medication works to decrease your appetite, reducing the temptation to over-eat.

Chloe’s starting weight was 18 stone and a BMI of over 30, she now weighs 13st 9lbs and is looking forward to reaching her goal weight of between 10 and 12 stone.


Kerry is 40, she lives in Northamptonshire and works as a company administrator. She has been overweight since being a teenager but despite counting calories and exercising, she’d only ever lost a pound or two.

She was finding that she never felt full until her dietician recommended the LloydsPharmacy Medicated Weight Loss Service to her. She hadn’t heard of it before and after doing some research, booked her appointment at her local store.

She found the pharmacist at her local LloydsPharmacy to be lovely and didn’t patronise her. They also gave her a number to ring if she had any follow up questions.

Kerry found that it started to work immediately and now she can go from breakfast straight to lunch without any snacks. She’s been on the Medicated Weight Loss Service for just over 3 weeks and has lost 13.5 pounds. That’s just under a stone.

How do I start?

To start the service pop into one of our stores or book online and talk to one of our pharmacists who will check your eligibility and get you started.

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