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How to recycle your beauty products

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From reusable water bottles to ditching plastic carrier bags and switching to paper straws, most of us are trying to be more mindful about the plastic we use, with many people trying to go plastic free or use much less than we did before. But, according to research done by Garnier, 56% of people in the UK don’t recycle their bathroom products.  

So, how can we enjoy our favourite skincare products while making sure we’re being kind to the environment?

Recycling your beauty products

Beauty packaging can often be formed of many different parts so it’s important to ensure you’re clued up on which bits can and can’t be recycled.

The wrapper

Many new products like makeup and perfume come wrapped in cellophane, unfortunately at time of writing this can’t be recycled and should be thrown away in your normal bin.

Shampoos, conditioners, shower gels and plastic bottles

If your product doesn’t come in a refillable plastic bottle, like a shower gel or shampoo for example, it can still be recycled. Make sure you’ve used it all and given the bottle a clean out. Put it in your normal recycling bin along with the lid. If it has a pump dispenser or a trigger these will have to be detached and thrown out in your normal bin.

Hairspray, deodorant and aerosols

Aerosols can usually be recycled, just make sure it is completely empty before you put it in your normal recycling bin.

The contents of your makeup bag

Most makeup items like mascara, eyeshadow and powder compacts are too complicated to recycle as they contain different types of plastics. Terracycle have drop off points all over the country to recycle your old makeup, use this map to find one nearest to you. Check out our vegan beauty products to mix up your routine

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Glass bottles and jars

Glass perfume bottles and fancy face creams look lovely on your dressing table but what do you do when you’ve finished them? It’s good news - your normal recycling should accept anything in a glass bottle or jar! Again, make sure you’ve emptied it out completely and if it comes with a pump or spray – this part is thrown out with your normal bin.

Sheet masks

Relaxing with a face mask can feel like just the tonic after a busy day, but if you use a sheet mask these can’t be recycled with your normal household recycling. Use the above link to find your nearest Terracycle drop off point.

Nail varnish

Although nail varnish often comes in a glass bottle, these can’t currently be recycled, throw them in your normal waste bin instead.

Shop kind

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