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You may have heard in the press or on social media about two new types of contraception that have hit the market, Hana and Lovima. They can both be bought over the counter without needing to go to your GP for a prescription, so we’re looking at what they are and how they might benefit you.

What are the Hana and Lovima contraceptives?

Both Hana and Lovima are brands of a desogestrel pill, meaning they are progestogen-only, sometimes called the mini-pill. One of the differences between the combined pill and a desogestrel pill like Hana and Lovima is that with the desogestrel pill you take it continuously every day without a 7 day break.

How do the Hana and Lovima desogestrel pills work?

These contraceptives work to prevent pregnancy by thickening the mucus in the cervix stopping the sperm from getting to the womb. They can also stop ovulation.

Do the Hana and Lovima desogestrel pills stop periods?

The Hana and Lovima pills are progestogen-only and these types of pills can have a varied effect on periods. Some people continue to have their regular period as normal, but some may have irregular periods, spotting between periods or no periods at all. If you opt for a desogestrel pill, remember to keep taking it every day, even when on your period.

How can I get Hana or Lovima?

Because Hana and Lovima don’t require a prescription or a GP’s appointment, you can buy them over the counter at your local pharmacy. With 1400 pharmacies nationwide, including many within branches of Sainsbury’s you can even pick up a pill while you do your weekly shop. The desogestrel pill is safe for most women even those who are breastfeeding. Some of our pharmacies have late opening hours so you can call in at a time that suits your schedule. Use our store locator below to find your nearest pharmacy and their opening hours.

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Can I get Hana and Lovima online?

We know that life is busy and if going to your local pharmacy isn’t convenient for you, you can order online on our website at a time that is suitable for you, be it while watching TV or waiting for the bus.

Why are Hana and Lovima not on prescription?

So, progestogen-only pills can be obtained from your GP as a prescription like the combined pill, but the government and Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency has approved that this type of contraceptive pill can also be bought over the counter without a prescription too. This is the first-time people can buy progestogen-only contraception over the counter and it increases the choices and ways that people are able to access contraception. Either book an appointment, pop into a LloydsPharmacy or buy online, the choice is totally up to you.