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New year resolutions to improve your sex life

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We’re here to help every woman feel empowered and take care of their health with our new #HealthHerWay campaign. From weekly FAQs to expert advice, tips and product recommendations, we delve into the health topics that matter to women.

First up, we have 5 resolutions for better sexual wellness, no matter your relationship status.

Experiment with a new toy

Studies have found that 53% of women and 45% of men aged between 18-65 years have used a sex toy. Sex toys are becoming more mainstream, with many people experiencing the benefits. Sex toys can enhance sexual pleasure and can help women enjoy both clitoral and G-spot orgasms. They can be used alone for solo play or for fun with a partner. There are many different sex toys out there, discover our range of adult sex toys and discover your perfect match today.

Schedule a sexual health self-care day

Self-care is a term we’re familiar with; taking the time to look after your mental and physical wellbeing, why not continue this into your sex life too.  Try taking some time to set the mood, think about the lighting, scent or an environment that you feel most comfortable in. Perhaps lighting candles, running a bubbly bath or organising the bedroom to create an atmosphere that relaxes you and allows you to focus. You could try some mindful masturbation - bringing your full attention to the present, focus on your body, breathing and sensations.

Stay in the moment

With busy lives sometimes its hard to stay in the moment and focused on the here and now. To help have satisfying sex it is important to focus on relaxing and prevent distractions. Focus on the small details such as how touch feels on your skin to stay anchored to the moment. Keep distractions to a minimum by moving phones, work or laundry from the bedroom.

Keep up with sexual health checks

If you have a new sexual partner, have more than one sexual partner or have had sex without a condom it is recommended you get tested. Order a test to take at home, it’s a quick and discreet way to check on your sexual health.

Get comfortable in your own skin

Being comfortable in your own skin and positive about your own body can help to increase sexual confidence. Replace negative thoughts or critiquing your own body by concentrating on and celebrating the parts of your body you like the most.