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How to be more body positive

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We all want to feel confident in our own skin and positive about our own bodies but sometimes with diet culture and pressures from social media, body confidence can be hard to maintain. We all believe in body positivity and beauty at any size but sometimes when it comes to our own bodies, it can be a struggle to put these beliefs into practice every day.

Tips on achieving body confidence

Body confidence comes from accepting your body exactly as it is, rather than trying to make it into what you think everyone else wants it to be. We've got some easy tips for you that can help you love your body, and everything it does for you.

Celebrate your body

If you're having a low self-esteem day, having sensual photos of yourself to look back on can give you a real boost. This doesn't have to mean naked - you can wear anything you like. Your favourite outfit, the lingerie set you've been looking for an excuse to wear, or nothing at all - basically, whatever you want, as long as it makes you feel confident. These photos can serve as a personal, private reminder of just how great you are.

Set the scene

Make your bedroom somewhere you want to be can create a feeling of relaxation that will instantly have you feeling more confident. This could be as simple as getting new bed sheets and clearing out the clutter.

Even if you aren't currently in a relationship, you can still put the sensual setting to use. Masturbation has proven health benefits, not just physically but mentally. Nurturing yourself sexually and emotionally in this way has been shown to aid better sleep, lessen period pain, and boost your body image.

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Stop comparing yourself

We live in an image-obsessed world, from social media influencers to advertising campaigns asking about our beach bodies and magazines showcasing the latest exercise regimes.

It's no wonder we tend to compare ourselves to others.

In the same way body-shaming someone else can be hugely damaging to their self-esteem, putting yourself down because you don't look like you belong on a catwalk won't help your confidence.

Instead of picking at things you don't like about yourself, focus on a few things you're happy about and have them on standby for those wobbly moments. Before you know it, being kind to yourself will be second nature. If you're someone who is consistently puts themselves down or has always struggled with self-love, becoming body positive won't happen overnight. Think of body-positivity as a muscle. The more you exercise it, the stronger it’ll become. 

Avoid triggers

If there is a certain social media account or publication that triggers feelings of inadequacy in you – unfollow and unsubscribe. If something regularly makes you feel like your body isn't enough, cut it out of your life.

Treat yourself!

It’s a simple trick, but something as simple as a new pair of knickers can make you feel amazing. Having something new under your clothes as you go about your day-to-day tasks can give you boost of confidence. Check out our blog on boosting sexual intimacy too.

Body positivity isn't always easy to achieve but little by little, working at changing how you perceive yourself can lead to an improved confidence and loving the body you’re in.