Reusable face masks

How do I know which face masks are reusable?

A reusable face covering is one that you can wear and wash again, look for these details when buying a face covering. They’re usually made from fabrics such as cotton or linen rather than more medical-looking constructions.

When buying a face covering look for soft fabrics that are comfortable on your skin. Minimising discomfort will mean you’ll reduce the chance of touching your face and adjusting the mask. You’ll also need a close fit - there shouldn’t be gaps between your face and the mask, make sure it fits over your mouth, nose and chin. Tie masks, rather than elasticated straps, can help you get a snug fit.

How often can I use a reusable face mask?

A reusable face mask or covering should be washed and dried between every use. It doesn’t matter if you only wear it for 10 minutes while in a shop, it still needs to be properly cleaned before you can wear it again. Your reusable face mask can be washed by hand by using a bleach solution or in your washing machine, just make sure it’s on a hot wash cycle.

How many times you can wear and wash a face covering will depend on what your mask is made from. You’ll need to follow wash instructions for the fabric, and make sure to check your mask for obvious holes or signs of wear.

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